CNBC Latin America

CNBC Latin America
CNBC logo derived from the 1986 NBC Peacock logo
Launched 1998 ca.
Owned by NBCUniversal
Website on MSN
Not applicable Not applicable
AMC-10 (formerly Satcom C4), C-band Digital Channel 103 (Transponder 13)
Numerous variable channel number

CNBC Latin America is a business TV channel from NBC Universal that retransmits programs from CNBC and CNBC World to Latin America. CNBC World itself retransmits programs from CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia.

Weekday programming
ET Program Retransmitted channel Hosts Description
00:00 Capital Connection CNBC World (from CNBC Asia) Sri Jegarajah The bridge between the Asian and European trading days Live
01:00 Squawk Box Europe CNBC World (from CNBC Europe) Geoff Cutmore, Steve Sedgwick, Karen Tso Derived from CNBC's Squawk Box
04:00 Street Signs Europe Louisa Bojesen, Carolin Roth Derived from CNBC's former Street Signs programme
05:00 Worldwide Exchange CNBC Wilfred Frost, Sarah Eisen CNBC's global business programme
06:00 Squawk Box Joe Kernen, Rebecca Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin Provides a mix of business news and commentary
09:00 Squawk on the Street Carl Quintanilla, David Faber, Jim Cramer and Sara Eisen Focuses on real-time market coverage at the start of the trading day
11:00 Squawk Alley Carl Quintanilla, Kayla Tausche and Jon Fortt Covering the intersection between Wall Street and the technology world
12:00 Fast Money Half Time Report Scott Wapner A fast-paced discussion of the day's market action at the midpoint of the trading day
13:00 Power Lunch Tyler Mathisen, Brian Sullivan, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Melissa Lee Examines the companies, people, and trends influencing Wall Street
15:00 Closing Bell Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth Covers the close of the trading day
17:00 Fast Money Melissa Lee (host), Pete Najarian, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour and Karen Finerman (panelists) A fast-paced discussion of the day's market action
18:00 Mad Money Jim Cramer A fast-paced show offering stock advice to callers
19:00 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon Talk show Rerun from 00:35 on NBC
N/A (EST) / 20:00 (EDT) Asia Squawk Box CNBC World (from CNBC Asia) Bernard Lo Derived from CNBC's Squawk Box Live
21:00 (EST) / 22:00 (EDT) Street Signs Martin Soong and Oriel Morrison Derived from CNBC's former Street Signs programme
23:00 Mad Money CNBC Jim Cramer Fast-paced show offering stock advice to callers Rerun from 18:00
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