Type Cable television network
Country Iran
Availability Worldwide
Slogan Nexo Latino
(Latino Connection)
Owner Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting[1]
Key people
Mohammad Sarafraz, Director-General
Launch date
December 21, 2011
Picture format
Sister channels
IRINN, Al-Alam News Network, Press TV, iFilm
Official website
hispantv.com and hispantv.ir
Language Spanish[1]
Website hispantv.com and hispantv.ir
UHF WRUA Canal 33.1 (Fajardo)
WECN Canal 18.2 (Naranjito)
TDT Canal 45 (Madrid)
TDT Canal 57 (Madrid)
Eutelsat 3.1ºE 11498 H 11852
3803 / 27500 / 3/4 H
Intelsat 21 58ºW 3840 H 27690
Hispasat 1D-1E 30ºW 12092 H 27500
Galaxy 19
North America
12028 /21991 / 3/4 H
CANTV Channel 306
Inter (Venezuelan broadcaster) Channel 340
Verizon Fios Channel 1509
Time Warner Cable Channel 228
Cable & Wireless 518
TCC (Uruguay) 45
Personal TV 340

HispanTV (Spanish: [ispanˈteuβe, ihpanˈteuβe], Persian (patterned from Spanish pronunciation): [ispanˈteube, ispanˈteuve], Persian alphabet: هیسپان‌تی‌وی) is a Spanish language news channel operated by IRIB, Iran's state-owned public broadcasting corporation. It began broadcasting in December 2011.[2]

HispanTV's programming has been distributed in Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Cuba and other countries worldwide and is intended to reinforce ties between Iran and Latin American states such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Mexico as well as to counter what the Iranian government sees as unfair coverage in Western media. The channel is similar to Press TV, an English language news channel and Al-Alam an Arabic satellite TV station also owned by the Iranian state, which claim to provide "accurate and unbiased coverage of the world and the Middle East events as they unfold."[3]

HispanTV has foreign journalists from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela. It also has journalists from Iran who speak Spanish.


The primary goal of HispanTV is to provide a complete platform of multimedia services to the Spanish speaking peoples of Latin America, Latin-American citizens of Iranian origin, Hispanic and Latino Americans of the United States, Muslim minorities of the Hispanophone world, and Spanish-speaking foreign residents in Iran, offering an opportunity for cultural exchange through television and web broadcasts.[4]

TV programs

  • Irán
  • Enfoque
  • Detrás de la Razón
  • El Color del Dinero
  • Irán Hoy
  • Diálogo Abierto
  • La Gran Historia
  • Cine a Contra Corriente
  • Fort Apache
  • ¿Qué opinas?
  • Continentes
  • Más que Deporte
  • Dossier de Oriente Medio
  • Más allá de la imagen
  • Epílogo
  • Al – Ándalus
  • Al Natural
  • Cara a Cara
  • A la Calle
  • Punto de Mira
  • Guayoyo
  • Panorama
  • Entre Líneas
  • El Encuentro
  • Raíces
  • Nuevos musulmanes
  • Casa Latina, Comida Iraní
  • Recorridos Urbanos
  • Mi viaje al Islam

International Reporters

Pablo Iglesias Turrión, host of HispanTV program Fort Apache.
  • Argentina Sebastián Salgado
  • Austria Raquel González
  • Bolivia Andrés Sal-lari
  • Brazil Rony Curvelo
  • Chile Alejandro Kirk
  • Chile Karin Molfinqueo
  • Colombia Álvaro Altamiranda
  • Costa Rica Mauricio Inostroza
  • Ecuador Robinson Robles
  • El Salvador Vladimir Chamorro
  • France Juan José Dorado
  • Guatemala Héctor Chinchilla
  • Guatemala Miguel Salay
  • Honduras Gerardo Torres
  • Iran Samaneh Kachui
  • Iran Asa Esfandiari
  • Iran Ali Gudarzi
  • Mexico Arturo Calvillo
  • Nicaragua Jimmy Sánchez
  • Nicaragua Álvaro Navarro
  • Nicaragua Moises Mercado
  • Panama Sara Morales Gallego
  • Paraguay Juan Cáceres Troche
  • Peru Francisco Zacarías
  • Peru Jorge de la Quintana
  • Portugal Antonio Oliveira e Silva
  • Puerto Rico Carlos Rubén Rodríguez
  • Russia Cristian Eloy Torres
  • Spain Rafael González
  • Spain Eduardo Lopez Jamar
  • Spain Oriol Puig
  • Syria Bashar Barazi
  • Uruguay María Eugenia Rodríguez
  • United States Marcelo Sánchez
  • Turkey Lluís Miquel Hurtado
  • Venezuela Marcos Salgado



In July 2013, HispanTV and other Iranian channels were removed from several European and American satellites, allegedly because of the Iran sanctions, even though an EU spokesman said that these sanctions do not apply to media.[5] HispanTV is no longer aired in Spain as Spain is a member of the EU and HispanTV now exclusively broadcasts in Hispanic America. As of 2015, the channel has only resumed broadcasting in the Community of Madrid through the channels 45 and 57 UHF DTT. HispanTV has also "tried to bypass sanctions by providing live feeds of its networks through YouTube".[6]

Antisemitism allegations

The Anti-Defamation League has claimed that "HispanTV regularly broadcasts anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist conspiracy theories" and that Iran's "influence in Latin America has been a strong feature of the Iranian government’s foreign policy in the last decade, and HispanTV serves as a platform to spread Tehran’s conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism".[6]

In their Antisemitism in Venezuela 2013 report, the Venezuelan Confederation of Israelite Associations (CAIV) claims that HispanTV engages in anti-Israel news coverage and that these biased reports are then repeated by Russia's RT News and Cuba's Prensa Latina, and Venezuela’s state media, including SIBCI, AVN, TeleSUR, Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), Alba TV, La Radio del Sur, Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV), YVKE Mundial, Correo del Orinoco and Ciudad CCS.[7]


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