Maeil Broadcasting Network

Coordinates: 37°33′38″N 126°59′34″E / 37.560475°N 126.9928191°E / 37.560475; 126.9928191

MBN (Maeil Broadcasting Network)
Type Private cable television
Country South Korea
First air date
March 1, 1995
Slogan Open world, open coverage, MBN
(열린세상 열린방송 MBN)
Broadcast area
Seoul Jung-gu Toegyero 190 (1-ga, 30-1).
Owner Maeil Broadcasting Network Ltd., a division of the Maeil Business Newspaper
Key people
Jang Dae-hwan (Chairman and CEO)
Official website
MBN Home Page
MBN (Maeil Broadcasting Network)
Country South Korea
Broadcast area Nationwide
SkyLife Channel 16 (HD)
Available on most South Korean cable systems Check local listings for details
B TV Channel 16 (HD)
U+ TV Channel 16 (HD)
Olleh TV Channel 16 (HD)

Maeil Broadcasting Network, Inc. (주식회사 매일방송) is a South Korean nationwide general cable TV network operated by Maeil Business Newspaper.


The company was founded on September 23, 1993, as Maeil Business TV. It later changed its name to MBN. The station is owned by Maeil Business Newspaper and was formerly a news channel between 1993 and 2011. On midnight, December 1, 2011, the station transitioned into a general programming cable TV channel from a news channel after 17 years of operation. MBN general programming was launched along with JTBC, Channel A, and TV Chosun.[1]






Dramas, sitcoms


Liberal, documentary

News, current affairs and economic

Special Programs

Jongyoung Programs

Maeil Business TV (news channels)

Daily broadcasting (jongpyeon Channel)

News, current affairs

Maeil Business TV (news channels)

Daily broadcasting (jongpyeonchaeneol)


Radio program


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