CDN 37

CDN Channel 37
Type Open Signal, Radio television, Cable, Internet, and Satellite.
Country Dominican Republic
Founded 1996
by Banco Popular Dominicano
Slogan Pasión Por Darte Mas Que Noticias...
Headquarters Avenida Doctor Fernando Arturo Defillo No. 4, Los Prados - Santo Domingo, R.D.
Owner Ing. Manuel Estrella, Ing. Felix Garcia
Key people
Nuria Piera
Launch date
1996 CDN Channel 37
Picture format
480i 4:3 Channel en SD
1080i 16:9 High Definition (HD)
Official website
CDN Channel 37

CDN Channel 37 (Chain Of News TV S.A.) is a Dominican commercial broadcasting company.


CDN was founded on January 1, 1996 by the Dominican Popular Bank, broadcasting on channel #37. It produced news, special coverage, and sports content. In 1999, CDN expanded by adding more reporters and broadcasts. Content was diversified into productions covering the distinct areas of art, health, economy, debates and opinion. CDN also created a digital platform to expand its scope. In addition, they were the official channel of Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic.

In 2005, CDN news and sports was included in the Caribbean Group Multimedios led by Manuel Estrella and Félix García.

Another channel, CDN2, was launched in 2008. It contained alternative programming for all ages, and in 2014 became the only Dominican television channel specializing in 24 hour sports coverage, now with the name of CDN SportMax.

In 2013, CDN was relaunched in alliance with Provideo, S.A., led by the journalist Nuria Piera, to investigate high-level national and international affairs. Piera has run "Nuria Journalistic Investigation" on CDN for 29 years on the air. They formed NCDN – a new format that offers a different perspective on the production and content of the programming. Their interactive online broadcasting platform and technology was also overhauled.

Target demographic

CDN - NCDN content is appropriate for all ages and demographics.

Broadcast extent

CDN is broadcast at the national level in the Dominican Republic. It is also available online internationally.[1][2][3]

This has often been seen as an excellent source of information.

International alliances with other media

United States VOA – Voice of America (USA)
United States New York 1 – News (USA)
Colombia NTN24 – Latinoamérica
Costa Rica CB24 – Centroamérica
Germany DW – Deutsche Welle (Alemania)
Russia RT – Russia Today (Rusia)
China CCTV – China
United States Sistema TV – Puerto Rico
Nicaragua Canal 15 – Nicaragua
Honduras MTN Mundo TV – Honduras
Uruguay Canal 10 - Uruguay
Peru América TV – Perú
Colombia RCN – Colombia
Chile Canal 13 – Chile
Panama Canal 21 – Panamá
El Salvador Mega Visión – El Salvador

International coverage

CDN has covered the following international events:

Venezuela Honras Fúnebres al Presidente Hugo Chávez – Venezuela
Venezuela Elecciones Presidenciales en Venezuela – Candidato electo: Nicolás Maduro
Italy Elección del Obispo Jorge Mario Bergoglio como el nuevo Papa de la Iglesia Católica – Roma, Italia, Papa Francisco.
Mexico Cumbre Iberoamericana – Veracruz, México
Venezuela United States Reunión Bilateral entre la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico (2015)
Cuba Visita histórica de la Secretaria Adjunta de la Región Roberta Jacobson a Cuba
Panama Cumbre de las Américas – Panamá
Cuba Visita del Secretario de Estado John Kerry a Cuba
Cuba Visita histórica del Papa Francisco a Cuba
Haiti Elecciones Presidenciales y Congresuales en Haití (2015)
Dominican Republic Juicio histórico al Ex Nuncio de la República Dominicana – Joseph Wesolowski
United States Cuba Visita histórica del presidente de los Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, a Cuba.


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