Industry News agency
Founded August 20, 1968 (1968-08-20)
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico
Number of employees

Notimex is the official Mexican news agency, their slogan is "News Agency of the Mexican State". It was created on August 20, 1968, to handle coverage of the 1968 Summer Olympics. It is headquartered in Mexico City and has eight regional coordinating offices throughout Mexico. Its staff consists of over 300 writers, editors, photographers, reporters and correspondents.[1]

It was originally called Agencia Mexicana de Noticias Notimex. Its goals, according to law, were contributing to the realization of the people's right to information through the provision of professional news services, to Mexican state and any other person, entity or public body or private, domestic or foreign, with genuine editorial independence (Article 1).

In June 2006, following reform of its charter, its official name became Agencia de Noticias del Estado Mexicano. The principal reform was independence from the Secretary of the Interior and administration by a governing board composed of representatives of the state.

Organization of Notimex

The administration agencies are:


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