Nile TV

Nile TV International
Launched 31 October 1994
Owned by Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU)
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Country Egypt
Broadcast area Middle East, Arab World, Africa, Europe, United States
Headquarters Cairo
Website Official website
Galaxy 19 at 97.0° West 12028 MHz Horizontal / 21991 / 3/4
Intelsat 905 at 24.5° West 3688 MHz Right Circular / 21050 / 3/4
Eutelsat 8 West C at 7.5° West 11034 MHz Vertical / 27500 / 3/4
Nilesat 102 at 7.0° West 12054 MHz Vertical / 27500 / 5/6
Nilesat 201 at 7.0°W 11766 MHz Horizontal / 27500 / 5/6

Nile TV International is a public Egyptian television channel. It is the second Egyptian satellite television news network in Egypt, and the first Arab satellite channel to broadcast its programs in foreign languages; English, French, and formerly Hebrew.

Nile TV International is broadcast on four satellites, and therefore, its transmission reaches the whole Arab World, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Moreover, it is also broadcast as a terrestrial channel on the UHF band.

In July 2009, Nile TV International became formally part of the News Center of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), headed by Abdel-Latif el-Menawy.[1]

Channel goals

Nile TV International sheds light on Egyptian and Arab cultural, tourist, economic and artistic issues, with strong emphasis on news which is given first priority. It also plays a very important role at the informative, cultural, artistic, economic and tourist levels.

According to itself, the aims of Nile TV International are therefore to:

Hebrew service

There used to be a two-hour daily Hebrew service. The broadcast could be viewed outside of Egyptian borders from 6:00 PM CAT to 8:00 PM CAT, and aimed to represent a pan-Arab view.[2]


The channel's current president is Sameh Ragaee, who was previously the president of Al-Nile Al-Akhbar (Nile News) Channel. He took the post in 2014. The former president, Dr. Mervat Mohsen, had to resign because of a mistake caused by the shift supervisor, who broadcast a documentary on former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Former presidents

Anchors and reporters

Current English anchors

Current English reporters

Former English anchors


In Ramadan 2009, the channel embarked on a daily two-hour talk show which aired from downtown Azhar park. "Egyptian Nights" aired 30 episodes and included several high-profile guests and extensive reporting.


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