News 24 (Albania)

News 24
Launched 2002
Owned by Focus Group sh.p.k.
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
1080i (HDTV 16:9)
Country Albania
PAL (ch 22 UHF in Tirana)
Digital DVB-T
Digital DVB-S

News 24 was the first Albanian 24-hour news television channel, founded in 2002 by Italian journalist and former shareholder of Gazeta Shqiptare newspaper, Radio Rash, and Balkanweb portal, Carlo Bollino. The channel's format resembles its Italian equivalent Rai News. News is updated every minute. My Need Email Address From News 24

Nationally created shows currently broadcast

Original name Format Origin
Panteon NewsAlbania
Me Zemer te Hapur Talk showAlbania
Koha per tu Zgjuar Morning showAlbania
Arratia e Peshkut te Kuq Talk showAlbania
Studio e Hapur talk showAlbania
Ne Tempull Talk showAlbania
Diplomaticus Talk showAlbania
Njerez ne Fokus Talk showAlbania
Vila 24 Talk showAlbania
Te besh Ekonomi ShowAlbania
Klinika 24 ShowAlbania


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