Timeline of the Syrian Civil War (September–December 2016)

This article is about the Syrian Civil War from September–December 2016. For other time periods, see Timeline of the Syrian Civil War.

September 2016

1 September

3 September

11 September

15 September

17 September

October 2016

9 October

16 October

18 October

19 October

24 October

25 October

26 October

The Syrian Air Force killed a Free Syrian Army Chief of Staff in the Homs region, Colonel Shouki Ayyoub was killed alongside 5 rebels in the town of Al-Rastan.[18]

November 2016

3 November

A Russian helicopter is destroyed by an ISIS missile on land, after it was downed by technical reasons. Both Russian crew members escaped the attack.[19][20]

8 November

According to a retired Brigadier General of the Lebanese Army, the Syrian Army with Russian support could capture Rebel held Eastern Aleppo in less than 3 months.[21]

Jabhat Fateh al-Sham rebels in Idlib Governorate accused the United States Air Force of targeting one of their bases and killing 10 fighters.[22]

A Russian Foreign Ministry official stated that over 6,000 armed militants are engaged in the operation to break through Eastern Aleppo.[23]

11 November

During a summit of Pacific leaders in Peru, U.S President Barack Obama expressed his belief that Syrian Army would take the Eastern side of Aleppo from Rebel and Jihadist Forces. He also expressed doubts in short term prospects in Syria.[24]

12 November

Syrian Armed Forces recapture Soran, Minyan industrial district from rebels in East Aleppo, thus recapturing all the territory lost in the last rebel offensive.[25][26][27]

24 November

Syrian Arab Air Force conducted an airstrike against Turkish Special Operations Forces and aligned Turkish-backed rebels north of al-Bab, killing three Turkish soldiers and injuring ten.[28][29]

27 November

A Syrian air strike in Homs region targeted a highhigh-ranking Ahrar Al-Sham meeting, killing 5 insurgents,[30] meanwhile Israeli aircraft raided ISIS positions killng 4 militants in response of a ISIS afiliate ("Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade") attack on a Israeli checkpoint in the Golan Heights.[31]


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