Russo-Turkish confrontation in Syria

Russo-Turkish confrontation in Syria
Part of the Spillover of the Syrian Civil War, Turkish involvement in the Syrian Civil War, and Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War

Turkish Air Force F-16C flies an aerial superiority mission during Operation Allied Force on April 4, 1999
Date6 June 2012 – 9 August 2016[1]
(4 years, 2 months and 3 days)
LocationSyria–Turkey border

Impasse settled[2]

  • Russian embargoes on Turkey[3]
  • In early July 2016 Turkey and Russia improved diplomatic relations and proposed to cooperate in fighting the Islamic State, with Turkey proposing Russia to use the Incirlik Air Base.[4]
  • Aleppo offensive (June–August 2016)
  • Turkey closed its borders with Syria 9 August 2016
  • Russian-Turkish military, diplomatic and intelligence mechanism set up marking major cooperation.[2]


Political Support:


Political Support:

Commanders and leaders

Turkey Hulusi Akar

Political support (secretly):

Russia Valery Gerasimov
Russia Viktor Bondarev
Syria Ali Abdullah Ayyoub
Syria Issam Hallaq

Political support (secretly):

Casualties and losses

Aircraft lost

Aircraft lost

The Turco-Russian confrontation refers to an conflict between Turkey and, initially, the Syrian government which turned into a military crisis between Turkey and Russia after the November 2015 shoot-down of a Russian Air Force Su-24 by the Turkish Air Force after an alleged airspace violation. Increased Russian military aggression and hostile Turkish territorial responses have all contributed to increasing escalation. Aerial confrontations between two nations have grown more common. Turkey accuses Russian Forces of violating Turkish sovereign airspace and war crimes against Syrian Turkmens.[26] The Russian military has accused Turkey of illegal economic ties with ISIS and planning a military intervention in Syria.[27][28][29][30]



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