Battle of Al-Qaryatayn (August 2015)

Battle of Al-Qaryatayn (August 2015)
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Date5 August 2015
(1 day)
LocationAl-Qaryatayn, Homs Governorate, Syria
Result Decisive ISIL victory

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Commanders and leaders
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Abu Hassan Al Khatami Syria Talal al-Barazi
(Governor of the Homs Governorate)[1]
Casualties and losses
~27 militants killed 37 soldiers killed
230 civilians abducted by ISIL

The Battle of al-Qaryatayn (August 2015) was a military operation launched by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to capture the town of Al-Qaryatayn, in August 2015, during the Syrian Civil War.


For much of the Syrian Civil War, which began in March 2011, al-Qaryatayn remained relatively neutral in the conflict. Town elders made agreements with both government forces and the rebels to stay out of the fighting. However, its location is strategic as it lies at a crossroads between the northern and southern parts of the country. Al-Qaryatayn has served as conduit for both sides. Rebels smuggle arms from the north to rebel fighters in Damascus, while the government uses the town to reinforce and resupply their forces in the north and west.[2] It has also been used as a corridor for defectors from the Syrian Army from across the country as highways from the northern, southern, eastern and western directions run through al-Qaryatayn.[3] In late May 2015, ISIL forces captured Palmyra and the surrounding countryside after a large offensive.[4]

ISIL takeover

On 5 August, ISIL captured the town of al-Qaryatayn.[5] This resulted in the deaths of 40 Syrian soldiers and 27 ISIL militants. It was reported that ISIL use deserts of Homs as launchpad for the attack on Al Qaraytain and the master mind of this operation was an ISIL Emir known as Abu Hassan Al Khatami. Abu Hassan was killed in the battle and ISIL renamed the battle after him as Battle of Abu Hassan Al Khatami in order to pay tribute to his services to ISIL.[6]


On 6 August, The Islamic State group abducted 230 civilians, including at least 60 Christians from Al-Qaryatayn.[7] ISIL later advanced even further, capturing Mahin and Huwwarin by 8 August, thus pushing hundreds of Christians to flee persecution.[8] However, the Syrian military recaptured Mahin later after intense airstrikes and ground force attack that killed 20 IS fighters.[9]

On 9 August, the SAAF bombed ISIL positions in al-Qaryatayn, resulting in the deaths of around 30 ISIL fighters as well as the destruction of seven vehicles and a rocket depot, according to governmental sources.[10] On 13 August, SOHR reported fierce fighting between the SAA and ISIL fighters in the area between Al-Qaryatayn and Mahin and Huwwarin, when ISIL attempted to advance towards the two towns.[11]

The SAA recaptured the town in the Battle of al-Qaryatayn (April 2016).


Coordinates: 34°14′00″N 37°14′00″E / 34.2333°N 37.2333°E / 34.2333; 37.2333

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