May 2011 Talkalakh siege

Siege of Talkalakh
Part of the Civil uprising phase of the Syrian civil war
Location Talkalakh, Syria
Target Opposition protestors
Date 14–19 May 2011
(5 days)
Executed by Syria Syrian Army
Outcome Protests suppressed
Casualties 27[2] - 45[3] killed
3,500 refugees[1]

On 14 May 2011, during the 2011–2012 Syrian uprising, the Syrian military began an operation in the Syrian town of Talkalakh. The government said it was targeting terrorist groups, while the Syrian opposition called it a crackdown against pro-democracy protesters.[1]

The operation

On 15 May, the Syrian military entered the town of Talkalakh, on the border with Lebanon. There followed reports that the military was massacring members of the Syrian opposition. The reports were mostly from civilians fleeing over the Kabir River into Lebanon to escape the violence.[4][5][6]

By 19 May, the military finished its operation and started to withdraw from Talkalakh.[7]


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Coordinates: 34°40′38″N 36°15′01″E / 34.6773°N 36.2504°E / 34.6773; 36.2504

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