Syrian Arab News Agency

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Syrian Arab News Agency
Type of site
News, culture, sports, economy, environment and health[1]
Available in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Persian
Website SANA English (English)
SANA Arabic (Arabic)
SANA French (French)
SANA Hebrew (Hebrew)
SANA Turkish (Turkish)
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SANA Russian (Russian)
SANA Persian (Persian)
Launched June 1965
Current status Active

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) (Arabic: الوكالة العربية السورية للأنباء Al-Wakālah al-'Arabīyah as-Sūrīyah al-'Anbā) is a news agency in Syria. It is a public-owned media organization linked to the Ministry of Information. It was established in June 1965.[2]


SANA launched its website in 1997.[3] Up until November 2012, SANA's website was hosted in Dallas, Texas by the United States company SoftLayer. Due to sanctions related to the Syrian Civil War, which make this hosting illegal, the SoftLayer company was obliged to terminate its hosting responsibilities with SANA.[4]



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