Supreme Council of the Syrian Revolution

Supreme Council of the Syrian Revolution
Abbreviation SCSR
Formation 2011
Purpose Opposition to President Bashar al-Assad
Region served
Official language
Parent organization
Syrian opposition

Supreme Council of the Syrian Revolution (SCSR) (Arabic: المجلس الأعلى للثورة السورية) is a Syrian opposition group supporting the overthrow of the Bashir al-Assad government in Syria during the Syrian civil war. It grants local opposition groups representation in its national organization.

One of three national opposition groups (the other two being the Local Coordination Committees (LCCs)) and Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC)) the SCSR has been described as catering to young protesters and being different from the other two groups in its political position. It sets "outlines for a political solution while also recognizing the importance of armed struggle". Unlike the SRGC it has sent representatives to Syrian National Council (SNC) exile group meetings, and unlike the LCCs it is not formally a member of the Syrian National Council.[1]

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