Battle of Bosra (2015)

Battle of Bosra
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Date21–25 March 2015
(4 days)
LocationBosra, Daraa Governorate, Syria

Rebel victory

  • Tension between Islamic Muthanna Movement and al-Sunna lions brigade[1]
  • Rebels capture Bosra

Free Syrian Army
Islamic Muthanna Movement[2]

al-Nusra Front[3]

Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Iranian IRGC[4]

Imam al-Hussein Brigade[5]
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Bashar al-Zoubi
(Southern Front leader)
Ahmad Alouda
(Shabab alsunna brigade leader)
Abu Kadhim Khudr [5]
(Imam al-Hussein Brigade commander)
Units involved

Southern Front[2]

Syria 52nd Brigade
Syria 17th Brigade[6]
Casualties and losses
21–25 killed[7][6] Unknown
4 civilians killed[8][9]

The Battle of Bosra refers to a military operation launched by Syrian rebels during the Syrian Civil War, in order to capture the city of Bosra.

The battle

On 21 March 2015, the offensive was launched by rebels on Syrian Army positions in and around Bosra.[7]

On 24 March 2015, rebels advanced in the town and besieged a number of soldiers in the ancient citadel,[2] which the Army regained after a counter-attack.[6] The Syrian Air Force launched ten airstrikes on the town, while 30 barrel bombs were also dropped that day.[10] The Army also fired rockets on the nearby Maaraba hospital, where injured rebels were being treated, which completely levelled the building.[11]

On 25 March 2015, FSA rebels backed by Islamist factions captured the town and its UNESCO archaeological sites.[7][12] According to a pro-government source, Army and militia units retreated from their positions in the town after the promised reinforcements were not deployed.[4]


On 29 March, local clashes took place in Glen town between the Islamic Muthanna Movement and al-Sunna lions brigade after an "argument" occurred about dividing the seized weapons and ammunition from Bosra. One fighter from the Islamic Muthanna Movement was killed, while three fighters were injured from both sides in the clashes.[1]


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Coordinates: 32°31′05″N 36°28′54″E / 32.5181°N 36.4817°E / 32.5181; 36.4817

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