Sunnistan, Shiastan and Kurdistan

Approximate areas of ethno-religious groups' majority regions (Sunni Arabs in green, Shia Arabs in dark green, and Kurds in yellow; minorities in grey).

It has been proposed by international powers that Syria and Iraq be divided into Sunnistan, Shiastan and Kurdistan. Sunnistan would become a Sunni Arab state in northwest Iraq and eastern Syria, Shiastan a Shia Arab state in southeast Iraq, and Kurdistan in northern Syria and northern Iraq, whose people are Sunni Kurds. Some experts support the creation of a Sunnistan.

Most of the Sunni Arab area in Syria and Iraq is occupied by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in March 2016.
All of the Shia Arab area in Iraq is controlled by the Federal government of Iraq or Shiite militias.
All of the Kurdish areas in Syria are controlled by Rojava, while all Kurdish areas in Iraq are controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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