Battle of Kernaz

Many peaceful demonstrations occurred in Kernaz, Hama Governorate, near the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, especially between June 2011 and September 2012.

Opposition fighters completely controlled the city until the beginning of January 2012, when the Syrian Army and supported militants surrounded the city from the west and the south. Civilians fled just a few hours before the attack.

The opposition rebels including FSA members holed up in the town, the military clashes continued for the next 3 weeks.


The battle ended with the complete destruction of the town, and withdrawal of opposition forces, the government forces entered the city and expropriated it in full, and its affiliated militias looted the property of the people systematically.

More than 250 people -militants and civilians- dead in the town of Karnaz and its neighboring villages,[1] some of the civilians have been killed under torture, almost all the buildings and facilities have been completely destroyed, and the displacement of the majority of the population, who have fled to refugee camps in Turkey.


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