Liwa al-Haqq (Idlib)

This article is about the Liwa al-Haqq group in Idlib. For the Homsi Liwa al-Haqq, see Liwa al-Haqq (Homs, Syria).
Liwa al-Haqq (Idlib)
لواء الحق بريف إدلب
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Ideology Sunni Islamism
Area of operations Hama Governorate, Syria[1]
Idlib Governorate, Syria[2]
Part of Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance[2]
Army of Conquest[3]
Fatah Halab[4]
Allies Liwaa al-Umma
Jund al-Aqsa[2]
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
Battles and wars

Syrian Civil War

Liwa al-Haqq (Arabic: لواء الحق بريف إدلب, Right Brigade or Truth Brigade) is a group that has been active during the Syrian Civil War.[2]

In response to reports of Russian intervention, Liwa al-Haqq commander Abu Abdullah Taftanaz posted a tweet addressing "infidel Russians", and threatening to "slaughter you like pigs."[6]

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