Fatah Halab

Conquest of Aleppo[1]
فتح حلب
Fatah Halab

Participant in the Syrian Civil War

Logo of Fatah Halab

Logo of Fatah Halab
Active 26 April 2015 – present[2] (in the Aleppo Governorate, until 1 December 2016 within' southeastern Aleppo)
Headquarters Aleppo, Syria
Area of operations Aleppo, Syria[3]
Strength +8,000[4]
Became Jaysh al-Halab (2nd iteration, southeastern Aleppo)
Battles and wars

Syrian Civil War

Fatah Halab (Arabic: فتح حلب, lit. 'Conquest of Aleppo'), or Aleppo Conquest, is a joint operations room of Syrian rebel factions operating in Aleppo, Syria. Succeeding the Aleppo Liberation operations room, its establishment was announced on 26 April 2015.[1][2] It states that its aim is to conquer Aleppo City from Syrian regime forces.[6]

In an October 2015 publication, the Washington D.C.-based Institute for the Study of War considered Aleppo Conquest as one of the "powerbrokers" in Aleppo Province, being both "anti-regime" and "anti-ISIS."[6]

On 13 May 2016, Amnesty International accused the Fatah Halab coalition of "repeated indiscriminate attacks that may amount to war crimes". It also reported their alleged use of chemical weapons.[7]

Since 1 December 2016, it was largely replaced by Jaysh al-Halab in southeastern Aleppo.

Member groups

The operations room includes both Western-backed groups[8] and Islamist groups. It includes some groups that also participate in the Islamist Ansar al-Sharia operations room, but not others, such as al-Nusra Front.[9] Previously al-Nusra coordinated with other groups through the Aleppo Operations Room.[10]

The number of groups participating increased after its founding, and by 18 June 2015 there were 31 groups.[11] On 28 July, 19 FSA-linked groups joined it.

As of October 2015 they are a total of 50 groups of varying size. The following are the largest groups that participate in the operations room.[12]

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