Randa Kassis

Randa Kassis

Randa Kassis with Sergey Lavrov
Born (1970-10-08) October 8, 1970
Damascus, Syria
Nationality Syrian
Occupation politician and a leading figure of the Syrian opposition

Randa Kassis (Arabic: رندة قسيس) is a Franco-Syrian politician and a leading secular figure of the Syrian opposition. She is the President and founder of the Movement of the Pluralistic Society.[1] She was a member of the Syrian National Council until August 2012. Randa Kassis is the former president of the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians and member of the Syrian National Council.[2][3] The Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians, the nucleus of a secular and democratic Syrian opposition, was created by the union of a dozen Muslim and Christian, Arab and Kurd parties, who called upon minorities in Syria to support the fight against the government of Bashar al-Assad.[4]

Kassis is also an anthropologist and journalist.[5] She has also published a book called "Crypts of The Gods", which is a book on religions, their origins, and their ways of functioning.[6] Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War on March 15, 2011, she has become a leading commentator on the Syrian Conflict and the wider complexities of the Arab Spring and the future of the Middle East region.

Randa Kassis is participating in the 2016 Geneva Peace Talks under the banner of the Moscow/ Astana groups. She is Co-President with Qadri Jamil of the Syrian secular and democratic opposition delegation.,[7][8]


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