The Baskervilles

The Baskervilles
Created by Alastair Swinnerton
Nick Martinelli
Starring Rob Brydon
Gary Martin
Rachel Preece
Suzy Aitchison
Country of origin Canada
United Kingdom
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time 25 min
Original network Teletoon
Original release March 10 (2000-03-10) – December 13, 2000 (2000-12-13)

The Baskervilles is a British-French-Canadian animated children's TV show about a British family living in the most twisted theme park in the world. The show was originally created by series co-director Nick Martinelli and series co-writer Alastair Swinnerton, and eventually distributed and co-financed by CINAR (now DHX Media) and designed, produced and co-financed by Alphanim.


When a wealthy man made his fortune convincing the world that bad is good and good is bad, he got bored of his success, and wanted to have some fun with his fortune; he created a huge theme park as a slice of life look at Hell, called Underworld: the Theme Park. Disguised as the devil and calling himself "the Boss", he sunk to new lows in deviant behaviour, but it wasn't enough; so he invited a nice family to live in Underworld, for the sole purpose of torturing them. But when his skeletal right hand man, Kevin directed the Baskervilles his way, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

The show is almost a mirror image of The Munsters, where instead of a family of monsters trying to live in a human suburb, it's a human family trying to fit in a demonic city, where all the rules are the opposite of what they were back home.


The Baskervilles

A quiet family from Nice Town, they are a picture perfect portrait of what a nice quiet family should be; except for one little girl who is interminably put off by the excessive politeness of her kin. After seeing an advertisement for Underworld on the TV, they decide to spend their vacation there, not knowing the owner's true intentions.

The Lucifers

A family of demons, with purple skin, horns and red eyes; the Boss rules Underworld with an iron fist, but he is the only one in his family who is actually mean.

The Draculas

The Baskervilles' next door neighbours are a family of vampires, who ironically bear some resemblance to the Baskervilles' Nice Town neighbours. The Draculas have pale blue skin, black hair, red eyes, and talk in a thick Irish accent (except for Vera who has black eyes and speaks in an Eastern European accent).

The Frankensteins

The Frankensteins are a family of reanimated creatures, ala Dr. Frankenstein's monster. They all have green skin and speak in Scottish accents; they are notoriously strong and stupid, and their favourite pastime is running amuck.



With Teletoon original airdates in parentheses:[1]

  1. No Place Like Home (March 10, 2000)
  2. Displeasure Dome (March 12, 2000)
  3. High Maintenance (March 18, 2000)
  4. Moral Minority (March 19, 2000)
  5. Doc April & Mr. Dad (March 25, 2000)
  6. Hounds of the Baskervilles (March 26, 2000)
  7. Bringing the House Down (April 1, 2000)
  8. Here's Looking at You Kevin (April 2, 2000)
  9. Food of the Slobs (April 8, 2000)
  10. Road to Ruin (October 19, 2000)
  11. Summer School Daze (April 9, 2000)
  12. Nice World (April 16, 2000)
  13. Faust Times at Underworld High (April 22, 2000)
  14. The Not So Great Escape (October 20, 2000)
  15. Welcome to the Underworld (July 17, 2000)
  16. Sizzling Ribaldry (September 13, 2000)
  17. Right Trousers, Wrong Brian (October 21, 2000)
  18. Ghouls on Film (July 21, 2000)
  19. Don't Mind the Baby (October 22, 2000)
  20. Old Saint Nick (December 13, 2000)
  21. Ghouls Scout (October 24, 2000)
  22. Crumble in the Jungle (July 24, 2000)
  23. Sulfur Surfer (May 12, 2000)
  24. Doomsday Tuesday (September 23, 2000)
  25. Scarlet Pimple (September 24, 2000)
  26. Beauty and the Bunny (October 25, 2000)


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