The Wrong Coast

The Wrong Coast
Created by Adam Shaheen
Starring Mark Hamill
Kathryn Greenwood
Marc Thompson
Tracy Nicole Chapman
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26 (segments)
13 (episodes)
Running time approx. 0:11 (per segment)
approx. 0:22 (per episode)
Production company(s) Teletoon Original Productions
Curious Pictures
Cuppa Coffee Studios
Blueprint Entertainment
Original network The Movie Network/AMC
Original release 3 December 2003 – 2005

The Wrong Coast is a Canadian stop-motion animated television show. The show emulates a Hollywood gossip show with fake news and features, and includes many parodies on Hollywood movies, often utilizing the voices of real stars. The theme song is performed by They Might Be Giants.

The Wrong Coast was produced by Blueprint Entertainment, Cuppa Coffee Studios and Curious Pictures with stop-motion animation provided by Cuppa Coffee Studios. The series initially was to air for American audiences on AMC in December 2003 but never did, then in Canada on The Movie Network in April 2004. Teletoon has rebroadcast the original season in Canada since 19 August 2005. A French-dubbed version of the series, titled La Côte Ouest, aired in Canada on Télétoon.

With no further episodes produced or announced, the show was apparently canceled after its only season.



With each 15 seconds of filming taking 8 hours to create, there is only one season consisting of 13 episodes, or 26 segments.

The Acting Coach

Debbie Sue hires an acting coach to help her land the part of a journalist in the new Tom Hanks movie. Jameson tries to get in on the action by showing off his comic dialects.


The Office Party

A young production assistant blackmails Jameson and Debbie Sue with a tape of their drunken behavior at the annual Christmas party. Jameson ignores the threat while Debbie Sue becomes paranoid about what she may have done.



Debbie Sue is determined to "connect" with Jameson after a bad review highlights their lack of teamwork. However, Jameson is distracted by the loss of his beloved pet ferret, Marty.


The Broken Teleprompter

When the teleprompter breaks down, Debbie Sue and Jameson are forced to think for themselves. Jameson's attempt to ad-lib the news starts a rumor that Kevin Spacey is trying to kill Queen Latifah.


Blood Red Carpet

There is much chaos as a horde of man-eating tigers takes over the red carpet at the 76th Annual Big Gold Awards. Jameson and Debbie Sue show "live" footage of the attacks, while showing clips of the Best Picture nominees.


Your Stalker or Mine?

Debbie Sue brags that her new stalker is the ultimate celebrity status symbol, and when Jameson gets jealous, he attempts to attract his own stalker. While arguing over who is in the most danger, their stalkers become more interested in each other.



Jameson is shocked to find Debbie Sue on a list of Hollywood's richest people. His jealousy turns to ridicule, however, when she finally tells the source of her extra income, her work at a fortune telling hotline.


The Infies

After Debbie Sue wins an Infy infotainment award, Jameson gets jealous and quits. But Debbie Sue goes on just fine without him, so Jameson tries to get his way back on the show.


Lights! Camera! Romance!

After Jameson saves Debbie Sue from a falling stage light, she falls in love with him. But the romance quickly deteriorates into mind games, and it isn't long before the tears are flowing.



Jameson and Debbie Sue report from the Sundance Film Festival. Ti Hua overreacts to being stranded in a gondola with John Turturro, and Julie continually attempts to get into an A-list party.



Debbie Sue returns from "back surgery" with a huge appetite for painkillers. Jameson plans an intervention to get her off from her addiction by enlisting several B-listers who need screen time. Meanwhile, Ti Hua undergoes the ultimate makeover, but gets turned into a guinea pig.



Jameson and Debbie Sue are shocked to discover that the Wrong Coast studio is possessed by a demon. An attempt to exorcise the demon backfires, and Jameson gets stranded in Hell.


A Look Back at Yestermonth

A clip show showing a look back at the first season of The Wrong Coast. With Jameson stranded in Hell, Debbie Sue is happy that she is the only host left - until Julie Wyvern joins as co-host. A sip of champagne pushes Debbie Sue off the wagon, and Mack finally reveals his "face".

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