Genre CGI anime series
Created by Naomi Iwata
Directed by Mike Fallows
Dan Wakabayashi
Voices of (See article)
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Michael Hirsh
Naomi Iwata
Patrick Loubert
Clive A. Smith
Makoto Toriyama
Producer(s) Kim Cleary
Running time 30 min.
Production company(s) Yomiko Advertising
Milky Cartoon
Original network Teletoon
Original release September 3, 2001 (2001-09-03) – September 18, 2002 (2002-09-18)
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Pecola (Japanese: ペコラ) is a 3D Japanese-Canadian anime children's television series which stars cube-shaped anthropomorphic animals in a place called Cube Town. It is based on a series of children's picture books by Naomi Iwata.[1]


Pecola aired on Cartoon Network in the United States in 2003. In Canada, the show aired on Teletoon from September 3, 2001 to September 18, 2002. The series was also aired on Spacetoon in Indonesia during 2007 and 2012. Now, the show airs reruns on Qubo.


The show stars Pecola, a curious and hyperactive penguin who tries to help the people of Cube Town but often wreaks havoc instead. Pecola is an orphaned penguin who lives with Pecolias, his grandfather. Cube Town is a small, isolated coastal village which contains an art museum, a beach, a lighthouse and a canal. It is located adjacent to Crescent Bay surrounded by the Rookery Mountains coastal range and serviced by regular ships (including a weekly freighter) which deliver mail, food and other supplies, as well as occasional tourists from a nearby metropolis named Cubic City. The heights above it lead into Glacier Valley which is snowbound even during summer.

Voice cast

English cast Canada United States

Spanish cast Mexico Nicaragua

Japanese cast Taipei Tokyo



No. Segment 1 Segment 2 Original airdate (Teletoon)[2] Prod.
1 Double Troubles (Pilot) Detective Pecola September 3, 2001 101
2 Constellation Pecola Good Deeds September 4, 2001 102
3 Fire Drill Frenzy Hurricane Pecola September 5, 2001 103
4 Robo-Rocket Mayor Muddle September 6, 2001 104
5 Your Wish is my Command Robbie to the Rescue September 7, 2001 105
6 One Lonely Night Miss Lucky's Bloopers September 10, 2001 106
7 Spring Cleaning Monster Moth September 11, 2001 107
8 The Cube Town Tri-Brag-a-Thon The Wild Ride September 12, 2001 108
9 Half Baked Hide 'N' Go Sleep September 13, 2001 109
10 Not Seeing is Disbelieving Melancholy Pecola September 14, 2001 110
11 Pecola's Penguin Special Bot and Switch September 17, 2001 111
12 Golagola Operation Papazoni September 18, 2001 112
13 High and Dry Two Brilliant Inventors September 19, 2001 113
14 Ode to Pecola Laundry Quandary September 2, 2002 114
15 Cool It! Yeti or Not September 3, 2002 115
16 The Curse of Cube Town Postman Pecola September 4, 2002 116
17 Runway Pecola Pecola's Island September 5, 2002 117
18 The Town Crier Pecola Grows Horns September 6, 2002 118
19 Coco's Concert Spaceman Pecola September 9, 2002 119
20 Robo-Rudy Lights, Camera, Pecola! September 11, 2002 120
21 A Career Day Power Pecola September 10, 2002 121
22 Prince Puggalski Painting Pecola September 12, 2002 122
23 Pecola and the Pirates Mysterious Pecola September 13, 2002 123
24 Gazelle's Goof Pecola in a Yacht of Trouble September 16, 2002 124
25 Yorkshire's Puddin Pecola's Tunnel Trouble September 17, 2002 125
26 Yo! Pecola Great Cubes of Fire! (Series Finale) September 18, 2002 126

Video game

In Japan, an educational game based on the show was released for the Sega Pico entitled Pecola no Daibouken Maboroshi no Aisukurīmu wo Sagase! (ペコラのだいぼうけん まぼろしのアイスクリームをさがせ!)

Home video releases

The show was released to DVD in Japan, Australia, France, and Taiwan. A DVD release of the show in the US has yet to be announced; however, it is available on Amazon Video in the country.[3]

Theme Music

The theme to Pecola uses phrasing and a melody reminiscent of the theme song to I Dream of Jeannie


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