Rescue Heroes (TV series)

Rescue Heroes
Created by Fisher-Price
Developed by Nelvana Limited
Starring Norm Spencer
Lenore Zann
Martin Roach
Joseph Motiki
Lisa Messinger (season one)
Deborah Odell (seasons two and three)
Rod Wilson
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 40
Executive producer(s) Micheal Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Clive A. Smith
James Wang
Running time 22 minutes
Original network

Teletoon (1999-2002)

CBS (1999-2000)
Original release October 2, 1999 (1999-10-02) – December 18, 2002 (2002-12-18)

Rescue Heroes is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana Limited. Based on the Fisher-Price toy line of the same name, the TV series tracks the adventures of a team of emergency responders who rescue people from various disasters.

The series premiered on Teletoon on October 2, 1999 and ran for three seasons, concluding on December 18, 2002. In 2003, a film based on the TV series was released, and it was titled Rescue Heroes: The Movie.


Rescue Heroes centers on a group of rescue personnel who aim to save lives around the globe from natural and man-made disasters, and emergency situations.

The headquarters, also known as the Mountain Action Command Center, is where team leader Billy Blazes, along with team members Wendy Waters, Jake Justice, Jack Hammer, Ariel Flyer, and Rocky Canyon, reside. Calls for help come into the command center through Warren Waters, the director and chief dispatcher of the Rescue Heroes.

The show aims to teach children lessons on how to handle emergency situations, as well as general life lessons. At the end of most episodes the Rescue Heroes give safety tips and discuss how to handle the conflict presented in the episode. The episode would then usually conclude with the slogan "Think like a Rescue Hero, think safe."

Main characters

Recurring characters

● Jill Hammer - a member or the Texas Fire Brigade (Jack's younger sister)


Pilot episode

Season one

Season two

Season three


  1. "Flashback To Danger"
  2. "Storm Of The Century, Part Two"
  3. "Flashback To Danger"
  4. "Flashback To Danger"
  5. "Flashback To Danger"
  6. "A Bridge Too Frail"
  7. "Flashback To Danger"
  8. "Flashback To Danger"
  9. Jill Hammer was introduced in the episode "Sibling Blowout"

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