Sons of Butcher (TV series)

Sons of Butcher
Genre Black comedy
Rock music
Sketch comedy
Created by Dave Dunham,
Trevor Ziebarth,
Jay Ziebarth
Directed by Karl DiPelino
Starring Dave Dunham,
Trevor Ziebarth,
Jay Ziebarth
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26
Running time approx. 23 minutes per episode
Distributor S&S Productions
Original network Teletoon,
MTV Latin America,
MTV Poland,
TV Enter Serbia,
All Music Italy,
MTV Philippines
Original release August 5, 2005 (2005-08-05)[1] – January 12, 2007 (2007-01-12)[2]

Sons of Butcher is a cartoon based on the band of the same name. It is animated using a variety of programs, put together using Adobe Flash.


The show follows the exploits of Sol Butcher, Ricky Butcher, and Doug Borski, who operate a successful butcher shop called "Sons of Butcher Quality Meats" in the slums of Steeltown, a city modelled after Hamilton, Ontario. When not tending to the shop, they play together at various venues in a Rock band, naturally called "Sons of Butcher".

It was announced on April 28, 2007 that Teletoon opted not to renew Sons of Butcher for a third season. On they declared that they'd be stopping entirely and their "guitars will be unplugged indefinitely".

A petition was started to renew the show for another season, taking donations from fans. The show's fate remains unknown, but has a devoted fan base supporting it.

Main characters

Solsolido Ron "Sol" Butcher

Sol is the current owner of the butcher shop, older brother to Ricky, and the eldest and strongest of the three. He inherited the shop from their father, Arpo Butcher, who died in an unfortunate accident involving a meat grinder. Sol is a recovering alcoholic, and is unable to drink even a small amount of non-alcoholic liquor without going on a massive drinking binge that causes him to grow a thick beard in an instant and run through the city streets wearing nothing but a green thong. Despite his gruff attitude, Sol is the friendliest of the trio, affectionately referring to anyone he likes as "buds"; he only seems to have a short temper around Ricky, who often shows a rebellious attitude towards his authority as an older sibling.

Sol writes songs for the band sometimes and has a habit of speaking in malapropisms. Sol's stupidity has had some consequences, as in one episode Sol (mistaking both the point and spelling of I.O.U.s) inadvertently becomes an infamous robber in Steeltown. Sol has had a few romantic interests in the series, including a woman named Sherry (whom he had literally dreamed about) and Jaco's daughter Suncheeps (whom he broke up with upon discovering she snored monstrously when she slept). He has gone to extreme lengths to earn their affections, including stealing massive amounts of coal in the hopes of making them into diamonds, and encasing himself in a feta cheese sculpture of Aphrodite to gain Jaco's respect. Despite owning the butcher shop, Sol has worked in a few other jobs over the series, such as a prison chef (while incarcerated), cruise ship worker, and small-time actor.

Sol apparently has a name for each of his nuts; one is named Terry and the other one Berry.

Rickence Raine Ronnie R. "Ricky" Butcher

Ricky is Sol's clinically obese younger brother. He seems to suffer from several eating disorders that raise his gluttony to the point that he will eat anything, despite the fact that this has made him suffer through multiple heart attacks and even a tapeworm (which he deliberately gave himself by eating many rotten fish in an attempt to lose weight quickly). While he often considers himself to be a ladies' man, he seems to have a thing for women who are either grossly overweight or considerably older than he is, sometimes to the point of being middle aged and having one or more children (which Ricky hates) and maybe even already having a husband. It was originally Ricky's idea to start the band, after finding his deceased father's old guitar in a box of his belongings. He is quite talented and creative with a guitar, often coming up with new songs and constantly trying to defend his self-proclaimed status of "rock god." He is usually the lead singer (Doug and Sol have been known to sing sometimes) and is constantly criticizing the other two for not being able to keep up with him; because of this, he seems to long for a solo deal when he finally gets signed onto a label, which he perpetually believes will happen very soon.

Although Ricky technically works at the butcher shop, he actually does very little work, and happily abandons his post there every time a better opportunity comes up. He has, in such cases found other work as a police officer/vigilante, steel worker, and a member of the frequently changing in tone band Feedbag. Ricky is violent and confrontational, but clearly makes a poor physical combatant, once receiving a bloody hole in his chest from Jaco, and being physically overpowered by three old women until thrashing blindly at them (all while wearing protective foam body armor).

Ricky dyes his hair later on in the series, explaining why his hair is a different color of that of his brother or father.

Dougland Peyronie "Doug" Borski

Doug is the 18-year-old janitor of the Sons of Butcher meat shop, hired by late proprietor Arpo Butcher. He was raised in Africa by a tribe of aborigines, and his adoptive parents were devoured by a 5-legged lion moments after revealing they weren't his real parents. After Doug failed his rite of manhood firewalk, the tribe banished him to Canada, where he found a job as a janitor. Doug has a vast collection of pornography and is obsessed with cleaning any and all filth.

Doug is often heard speaking in Ebonics because of his upbringing, sometimes to the point where he becomes difficult to understand. Doug has worked in several other jobs throughout the series, both alongside and in place of his janitorial duties. Among these professions have been carnie, janitor at a different carnival, cruise ship worker (along with Sol and Ricky), bodyguard, and impromptu butcher. A running gag in the first season involves Doug being hired for a new job in the middle of introducing himself, his new employer never caring to hear his name before giving him a job.

Doug is also addicted to pornography; he is seen many times playing with himself while watching these kind of magazines and not paying attention to anything else (even to a point when a girl hits on him and he's too absorbed in the magazines to notice). At some point, he tries to leave pornography behind and start to date real women, but he accidentally ends up working in adult cinema. It is revealed in the final episode of season 2 that Doug is color blind.

Arpo Butcher

Sol and Ricky's late father, killed in a meat grinding accident. Much like his eldest son, he was a heavy drinker as well, and frequently abused and insulted the boys when they were young (according to recurring flashbacks seen in the show), even developing the pet names "shithead" for Sol and "dorknuts" for Ricky. The current status and whereabouts of their mother is unknown.

Arpo's spirit briefly returns once to possess a haunted house that Sol has created for Halloween, wherein he chastised Sol for not making it scary enough. He currently resides in hell, and his face is never shown (in its place is a Jack-o-lantern that moves its lips and eyes as if it were his actual face).

In one of Sol's flashbacks, it is shown that his dad used to towel whip him for not being able to pee in public, which in turn traumatized Sol up to his adult life making him "pee shy." Arpo's body is seen as being considerably overweight, and he has a long beard.

Recurring characters


A muscle bound, obviously gay French-Canadian man who occasionally appears as a friend to the Butchers. He first appears as a carnival ride operator, using marijuana smoke to enhance the experience. On one occasion, Jean-Guy gives Ricky steroids to improve his physical condition, but Ricky quickly abandons them when he discovers that they've massively shrunk his testicles. It was Jean-Guy who forced Sol to try to overcome his pee shyness by peeing in a public urinal at a rock concert.

Good Cop

A black person wearing a white shirt and gray slacks, always with the bad cop; his punch line is what my partner is trying to say is...

Bad Cop / Digs

A white, muscular man with long brown hair, always punching people, which then is followed by the Good Cop's punch line. He wears a red shirt. He is briefly referred to as "Digs."

Guest stars

Episode list

Note: These episode summaries are taken verbatim from the Sons of Butcher website

Season 1 episodes

  1. Buryin' the Past - When Sol and Ricky's father falls into the meat grinder, they are faced with a dilemma: pursue Ricky's rock n' roll dreams, or follow Sol's vision to continue the family butchery business. Doug struggles to become a man after botching his rite of manhood firewalk. Featured Songs: Lick Me Up, Gentle Art of Butchery, Punch That Face, Fuck the Shit, The Burger Thief, SOB Story
  2. Huntin' the Legend - Sol needs fresh meat for his Stewfest entry, Ricky seeks to hide out from his girlfriend's angry brother, and Doug hopes to get rich by finding Bigfoot, so they all head into the forest. Sol befriends his prey, Ricky becomes one with nature, and Doug challenges Bigfoot to a rousing game of Jenga. Featured Songs: Go Bigfoot, Bigfoot Lament
  3. Livin' the Dream - Ricky achieves his rock n' roll dream by getting signed to a major label, however, as part of the rival band Feedbag. After knocking a woman off a bridge, Sol plunges into alcoholism. After getting mugged, Doug takes martial arts and becomes a bouncer. Featured Songs: In the Cellar, Bacon Shakes, Low Carb Treat, Love in the Raw
  4. Findin' the Nuts - After coughing up his balls, Sol gives up butchery for a less manly job - the construction union. Ricky and Doug search for the biggest boobs in the world, and end up at the circus. There Doug confronts the lion that ate his parents, and Ricky gets a job washing the fattest woman in the world. Featured Songs: Tit Song
  5. Losin' the Love - After nearly getting killed by angry husbands, Ricky settles down with a mail-order bride. Needing help around the shop, Sol orders an exchange student to exploit. Doug's worried he'll lose his job, and in a fit of jealous rage he destroys Sol's guitar by accident. Featured Songs: Tenderize Me
  6. Fishin' the Hole - The government is about to seize the family cottage, and Ricky is under doctor's orders to take it easy after a heart attack, so the boys head up north for one last weekend. Sol tries to save the cottage by entering a fishing derby, Ricky tries to lose weight with a tapeworm, and Doug pursues fame and fortune by faking a UFO sighting. Featured Songs: (Dream) Girl Dream (Lady), Little Fishies, Tapeworm
  7. Savin' the Shop - Dreaming of breast augmentation (for himself) Ricky loses the shop in a low-stakes poker game. He enters a big money butchery contest to try to win it back, but is kidnapped before he can compete. Sol breaks his finger recording a secret song for Ricky, so he's forced to train Doug to finally become a butcher. Featured Songs: Ode To My Brother, Becoming the Butcher
  8. Doin' the Time - Sol orders an anteater for a new ship promotion, but receives a crate of refugees instead. Ricky and Sol are arrested for smuggling humans and thrown in jail, and Doug is left alone to run the shop with the help of his new refugee friends. Ricky and Sol compete in jail for the attention of the other inmates, and Doug learns that a pack of refugees can be as annoying as a girlfriend. Featured Songs: Rockload
  9. Suckin' the Soul - Doug finds a possessed porn magazine at a library book sale that sucks the souls of its readers (and yet ironically, it didn't take Doug's soul). Sol caters a funeral and, after spicing the meat with zombie ash, creates and controls an army of the undead. Ricky gets his soul sucked by Doug's satanic porn magazine, allowing him to write a prodigal hit song, which he sells to a major label. Featured Songs: S'everybody's Someone, Gold
  10. Payin' the Bills - Sol gets sucked into buying a timeshare in the Middle East, and flees there after being accused of stealing things all over town. Ricky forms a vigilante group to hunt and kill his brother, while Doug creates a charity to try to pay the rent. Featured Songs: Nsane Dream, Helping the Community
  11. Lovin' the Granny - After a fire in the shop, Doug is forced to attend a fire safety seminar, where he falls in love with a really old lady. Sol, left alone, must cover for Doug, but struggles with simple cleaning techniques. Tired of getting stiffed at gigs, Ricky finally lands a paying show - and botches the address. Featured Songs: I Hate Girlfriends
  12. Walkin' the Dog - Ricky gets suckled by pigs after a car accident with a farm truck, throwing his manly rock god status into serious jeopardy. He then seeks to restore it by suing the pig farmer. Sol teams up with a local poacher and sells endangered meat to help fund the case. Doug befriends a dog, and learns to lie to impress women. This episode is notable in that it is the only episode that does not feature any songs from the band.
  13. Rockin' the Boat - Sol and Ricky pursue the woman of their dreams on a cruise ship - the same woman. Sol attempts to crush coal into diamonds to impress her, while Ricky goes on steroids. After spotting his infomercial idol and creator of "The Rehydrator" (a machine that takes beef jerky and reverts it back into pot-roast) on board, Doug tries to sell him on his fabulous braided mop technique, the "Dehydrator." Featured Songs: In Thru The Outhole

Season 2 episodes

  1. Readin' the Bowl - After reading his fortune, Doug discovers he has 12 hours to live. Ricky uses the news as a way to score the band a spot on Jaco's benefit concert, while Sol decides to build a robotic janitor to replace Doug.
  2. Hittin' the Rez - After the government slates the shop for demolition, the boys hit the nearest Native Reserve to get ‘fake proof’ that the shop is built on sacred Indian burial grounds. While on the ‘Rez’, Doug becomes a medicine man in fear of the ‘chicken fever’ and Ricky puts on a rock show for the hostile youth.
  3. Scalpin' the Ticket - Doug, after being arrested for buying concert tickets illegally, is forced to go undercover and infiltrate the world of Nick Kiedis, Steeltown's biggest ticket scalper. Ricky and Sol attend a rockin' concert, but Ricky's full-body rash and Sol's pee shyness threaten to ruin their fun. The end of the episode is a parody of the ending of The Shawshank Redemption.
  4. Handlin' the Bike - The boys meet their #1 fan, a goofy kid named Friso. Sol uses Friso's dirt-bike skills to lure customers to the shop, and Ricky feigns friendship with Friso to get close to his promiscuous single mother. Doug has an accident and struggles to cope with his resulting disability, and is duped into acting as a drug mule.
  5. Fightin' the Greek - Ricky, after beating local angry Greek man Jaco in a fight, piledrives his way into the world of pro-wrestling. Culture and tradition collide when Sol must also fight Jaco, only it's a battle for the heart of Jaco's beautiful daughter Suncheeps. Meanwhile, Doug learns the practicalities of a sewing kit when he becomes Ricky's secret guardian angel.
  6. Firin' the Band - Ricky is sweet talked into a recording deal with a local producer who later turns out to be a maniacal song-stealing killer. Sol turns the shop into a haunted house attraction which becomes possessed by his dead father’s ghost.
  7. Workin' the Steel - Ricky thinks band merchandise is the last step in achieving rock stardom, so he quits the shop for a higher paying job at the local Steel Mill. Doug creates the ultimate marinade unknowingly using marijuana as a key ingredient while Sol fears he may have a touch of the Gonorrhea.
  8. Ridin' the Rocket - Sol has an epiphany whilst delivering a baby calf, and promptly gives up his life as a butcher. As he is sucked into a life of deadly Veganism, Sol's mental and physical health deteriorate rapidly, and he really starts to look like hell. Ricky and Doug seek to promote the band by creating violent makeshift rockets, which do a lot more harm than good.
  9. Chasin' the Demon - When Doug delves into the world of role playing games Sol fears he may have joined a cult. Seeking advice from a priest, they attempt an intervention only to discover that Ricky is actually the one dabbling in satanism, having converted to black metal. After an exorcism and some light hypnosis, Ricky becomes a born again Christian while Sol second guesses his decision to get the church involved with family business.
  10. Playin' the Part - Ricky takes advice from a metrosexual womanizing playboy, and changes his look and approach to women, in the hopes of finally scoring. Doug lands a role in a major motion picture event, and Sol sells meat on credit to some dirty bums.
  11. Teachin' the Touches - Sol and Ricky accidentally become stars in the world of musical sex education, but Sol's enthusiasm for his craft lands him in some hot water with local authorities. Doug, while trying to leave porno behind and find a nice girl, actually ends up starring in an adult film. It's Sol's chance to redeem himself when he and Ricky rush to stop Doug from doing something he'll regret forever.
  12. Spinnin' the Yarn - The boys take turns telling stories to a meter maid in an attempt to creatively get out of a parking ticket.
  13. Birthin' the Messiah - After experiencing all the tell tale symptoms, Doug believes he's pregnant. Sol, desperate for a way to beat competitor MEATCO's newest cut of meat, believes Doug's miraculous conception can only mean that the Messiah of butchery is on the way to bring him the answer. Meanwhile, Ricky meets the women of his dreams and struggles to deal with her three children.

Song listing

Not all songs listed below have been released. However, all have been featured at some point in an episode of the Sons of Butcher animated series.


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