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Genre Action-adventure
Science fiction
Created by Emmanuel Gorinstein
Alexandre de La Patellière
Mathieu Delaporte
Starring Tim Hamaguci
Phoebe McAuley
Composer(s) Paul Intson
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Running time 26 minutes
Original network France 2 (France)
Teletoon (Canada)
Original release November 26, 2005 (2005-11-26) – May 25, 2007 (2007-05-25)
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Skyland (full French title: "Skyland, Le Nouveau Monde", or "Skyland, The New World"), is a CGI animated series developed in France in partnership with Canada and Luxembourg for television channels France 2, Teletoon, Nicktoons, ABC and CITV,.[1]

A 60-minute, worldwide preview was aired on November 26, 2005,[2] at multiple times during the day and the following day. The program was hosted by Chase Francisco. It was launched on April 22, 2006, at 7:30 p.m. on Teletoon. On July 2, 2006, an encore of the one-hour pilot aired on Nicktoons Network, with the full series commencing on Saturday, November 18, 2006. The show is produced by Paris's Method Films and Toronto's 9 Story Entertainment.

Between 2010 and 2011 three books inspired by the show have been published by a Castillian-Spanish writer with the pseudonym David Carlyle.[3][4][5] They were originally solely published in Spain as a trilogy with the name "Skyland" followed by their novel names. Atlantyca sold the rights in Brazilian, Spanish and Catalan, Dutch, Turkish, Macedonian, Russian, Hungarian and Simplified Chinese.[6] Book three was never released in the Netherlands due to criticism on the two previous released book's grammatical mistakes and lack of interest.[7] "Skyland: Islas en el cielo" was translated to "Skyland: islands in the wind", "Skyland: La Nave de las Tempestades" was translated to "Skyland: The Storm Ship" and "Skyland: La guerra dell'acqua" was translated to "Skyland: The Water War".

In the past people have claimed that Skyland was based on David Carlyle's books or Italian writer Richard S. Tyne's book "Rick Storm: Skyland" from the Rick Storm Trilogy.[8] However, these claims turned out to be false considering that all the mentioned books have been published post the air date of Skyland's final episode.


Prior to the beginning of the story, the Earth has shattered into billions of pieces which orbit around a central core. In this new world, named Skyland, an evolved form of human has appeared: Seijins, who absorb energy from sunlight and use it to fuel special abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, mental control, astral projection, energy balls or blasts, and electric rays.

The Skyland is ruled by the Sphere: an organization which controls the water supplies, and maintains its power by Guardians trained from childhood. This dictatorship is fought by pirates. After the capture of their mother by the Sphere, protagonists Mahad and Lena, a young Seijin still learning to control her powers, are rescued by a group of pirates, and join the pirate rebellion.[1]



The first part of the animation was produced by Attitude Studios of Paris, France, with large amounts of facial animation work and rendering outsourced to DQ Entertainment in India. Subsequently, the later part of the season has been completely animated and finalized in DQ Entertainment of Hyderabad, India, using a completed motion capture shot in Attitude Studio. It appears to make extensive use of motion capture technology (i.e. animation modeled upon data from live actors) for a next-generation animation look.[1][9]


The music was composed by Paul Intson, of Canada. The extensive sound design and 5.1 surround mix was done by Jim Longo of Rhythm Division in Toronto, Canada. Music editing was performed at Rhythm Division by Rob Kirkpatrick on season 1 and Kevan Staples for season 2. Additional editing by Bojan Risojevic.[10]

Main characters

(Left to right) Mahad, The Vector, Aran Cortes, Lena

Minor characters


Season One (2005–2006)

Episode Title Original airdate (Teletoon)[11]
1-2"Dawn of a New Day"26 November 2005 (2005-11-26) (special);[2] 22 April 2006 (2006-04-22), 23 April 2006 (2006-04-23) (episodes)
Welcome to Babylonia, home of Lena, Mahad and their mother Mila. A peaceful haven in the tyranny of the Sphere, the family lives happily, but with a secret. Seijins (humans with telekinetic powers) are the most wanted people in Skyland, something Mila knows only too well, as both she and her daughter belong to this select group. The children are unaware of their Mother's secret until an incident at their home exposes both Mila and Lena and they are forced to flee. Knowing the Sphere will hunt them down; Mila sends her children away and stays behind to be captured by the Sphere. Lena and Mahad are sent away in a stolen enemy ship when suddenly they find themselves confronted by the Pirates. The children are taken in by the band of pirates and learn even more of their parents past. They are escorted to their father's last known secret headquarters only to find his famous Hyperion ship—seemingly waiting for Mahad to inherit. Unfortunately, they are intercepted by the evil Diwan, minion to Sphere leader Oslo and they are forced to battle their way out. They rejoin the pirates who invite the children to live in Puerto Angel where they will continue the fight to find their mother and defeat the evil Sphere. And so, the adventure begins.
3"The Great Wall"30 April 2006 (2006-04-30)
An old friend of the Vector's sends news to Puerto Angel - he may have a lead on Lena and Mahad's mother. They travel to Ningxia, a Chinese block, where they find a Sphere invasion in progress and are captured. In jail, they are introduced to the Vector's friend, Master Hailong Zalo, also a powerful Seijin. In a daring escape, Zalo psychically bonds with Lena to give her a telepathic message from her mother, in turn giving her enough power to defeat the invasion and escape with Mahad.
4"Mogura"7 May 2006 (2006-05-07)
Puerto Angel suffers through a severe drought that ends up dangerously dehydrating Lena. The pirates investigate a remote block of ice that the Vector believes will supply them with much needed water. Upon arriving, they find that the Sphere has struck first, the pirates board the deserted drilling station in hopes of finding some water the Sphere may have left behind. There, they battle the Mogura, a huge spider-like robot that has turned from a simple tool into a deadly threat to any human that confronts it. Thankfully, the pirates (including a weak Lena) manage to fight the creature off, collect the vast water supply left behind and save the people of Puerto Angel.
5"Raging Archipelago"14 May 2006 (2006-05-14)
The pirates of Puerto Angel rescue a mysterious stranger named Sansken who is looking to contact the pirates with important information about Kharzem Prison (where Mahad and Lena's mother Mila is being held). The kids follow him to the Raging Archipelago - formerly the city of Paris, hidden in a large atmospheric storm. It is there that they find themselves in a double-cross when it is revealed that Sansken lured them there to hand them over to the Sphere. After a huge battle with Diwan and Oslo, the children are rescued by Sansken who explains that he was blackmailed by the Sphere in order to save his own children.
6"Eye of the Storm"21 May 2006 (2006-05-21)
An impending hurricane threatens a sector of Skyland and it's up to Cortes and the Saint Nazaire to rescue refugees left stranded. While investigating a deserted ice block, the storm overpowers the Hyperion leaving Mahad and Dahlia stranded. Back on Puerto Angel, Lena becomes concerned with Mahad's absence. Mahad and Dahlia realize that the heavy wind is pushing their ice block towards Puerto Angel. The only way to stop it is by detonating the reactor core of their ship and breaking up the deadly collision. Mahad tells Wayan of his plan and Lena, overhearing, fears for her brother's life. With all of her strength, she harnesses the power of the lightning to melt the ice block allowing Mahad and Dahlia to escape safely in the Hyperion.
7"Mutiny"28 May 2006 (2006-05-28)
While out on patrol, the Saint Nazaire shoots down a wayward Sphere patroller and rescues a small family of Seijin escapees. Bringing them on-board, Cortes and the pirates realize too late that the "parents" are actually Sphere agents transporting a young girl, Celia, as their prisoner. The rebels find themselves imprisoned on their own ship and must act quickly to free themselves before Oslo and Diwan reach them. With the help of Lena, Celia's powers awaken and together they overcome the two agents in time.
8"Manipulations"2 July 2006 (2006-07-02)
A solar phenomenon has unusual effects on Seijin powers which allows Oslo to take control of Dahlia in an effort learn the coordinates of the pirate hideout. He uses Dahlia to attack Puerto Angel's water storage tank, and pin the blame on Lena. Mahad is bewildered and more than a little angry at the change in Dahlia, who is really trying to fight her way free of Oslo's control. Lena is also feeling the effects of the solar phenomenon, and is uncertain of her own innocence. She turns to the Vector for help, and together they discover that Oslo is responsible. Lena uses her powers to get into Dahlia's head, and although she isn't strong enough to fight against Oslo, she convinces Dahlia that no one should be able to boss her around in her own body.
9"King for a Day"9 July 2006 (2006-07-09)
Deciding that Mahad needs a lesson in responsibility, Cortes leaves him in charge of Puerto Angel while the Saint Nazaire goes to retrieve some unguarded water. Mahad makes the most of the opportunity and decides to declare a 'Mahad Day', complete with celebrations. But the fun is soon over when the threat of a fleet of Sphere ships reaches the pirate block. Mahad is certain something's fishy, and sure enough it turns out to be a hoax played by Cortes. Mahad calls him on it, and then refuses to listen when Cortes warns him that there really is a Sphere patroller on the way.
10"Red Rock People"16 July 2006 (2006-07-16)
Mahad and Lena receive a distress call from their father and go off in search of him. Unknowingly, Oslo follows them, and they all end up stranded on a block that contains an indestructible monster.
11"Babylonia"23 July 2006 (2006-07-23)
A telepathic message from their mother sends Lena and Mahad home to Babylonia looking for more information. The message turns out to be Lena's memories of her mother, but they prove to be powerful enough to save their lives.
12"Blood Ties"30 July 2006 (2006-07-30)
Cheng is contacted by his grandfather, who he had been told was no longer alive. Desperate to know about his family he leaves Puerto Angel on a journey that proves to him family comes in many different packages.
13"Life in Puerto Angel"5 November 2006 (2006-11-05)
During an expedition on the block of Brooklyn, Mahad, Lena and Cheng meet a strange character and his daughter, pursued by the Sphere. Once in Puerto Angel, the Vector identifies the man as being a great scientist whose research on water poses a threat to the Sphere. Mahad is more interested in his daughter, Astrid. She reveals a true surprise to him; Max is absolutely not the scientist who he claims to be.

Season Two (2006–2007)

Episode Title Original airdate (Teletoon)[11]
1"Shadows of the Past"12 November 2006 (2006-11-12)
Mahad and Lena stumble upon a water tanker on a very strange course. Inside, they find Oslo, near-death and with the tanker set on an unchangeable course for Oslo's home block, where his brother awaits.
2"Heart of the Arena"19 November 2006 (2006-11-19)
Mahad is kidnapped and brought to Tak, a ringmaster who operates a popular fighting arena that provides entertainment for the Sphere and Skyland. It's up to Cortes, Lena and Dahlia to get Mahad back, but could they be walking into a trap?
3"Wind Devils"26 November 2006 (2006-11-26)
Mahad runs into his old friend, Lucretia, but clashes with her ideals. Meanwhile, the Saint Nazaire is caught up in a wind storm with time becoming a very big factor.
4"Cortes' Secret"4 February 2007 (2007-02-04)
Cortes is visibly irritated by the presence of his brother, Christophe, whom he considers a traitor. Things change when Christophe reveals that a rescue operation is needed to retrieve his ship, a sister ship to the St. Nazaire. But is Christophe really telling the whole story?
5"Island of the Child King"11 February 2007 (2007-02-11)
Mahad and Lena travel to an old hotel in a faraway block, where a makeshift orphanage has been made. The leader of the block, an older child himself, refuses to believe Mahad and Lena's warnings that the Sphere is on their way, until things get serious.
6"Alice"18 February 2007 (2007-02-18)
A sphere agent named Alice arrives in Puerto Angel and is imprisoned. Alice breaks out and is later kept hidden by Mahad after she saves his life, but is it possible she will never believe the truth about the Sphere that Mahad so desperately wants her to?
7"Secret Power"18 March 2007 (2007-03-18)
Lena and other Seijins are abducted by a woman named Shinseiki, who claims she alone can fulfill the Prophecy and reunite Skyland. The trouble is, she needs to make use of other Seijins' powers to do so, and the process could end up destroying entire blocks and killing thousands.
8"Book of Worlds"25 March 2007 (2007-03-25)
After finding a navigation device in a ghost ship, the pirates go off in search of the Book of Worlds, one of the few keys needed to unifying Skyland. However, the Sphere plans to gain an advantage from the book to rule all the known blocks. With the help of the ghostly Countess Kondratti, Mahada and Lena must find the book before the Sphere arrives if they will have any hope of finding Kharzem.
9"Infiltration"8 April 2007 (2007-04-08)
Taking a joyride in the Hyperion, Mahad and Lena nearly crash into Jonah, a security specialist fleeing the Sphere. Jonah explains he was hired to create a particular temporary holding cell on the Monolith for a "very important Seijin". Mahad and Lena are overjoyed—it has to be their mother and now they know exactly where to find her! Mahad comes up with a plan that gets him and Lena onto the Monolith. After some careful maneuvering, the children are blissfully reunited with their mother, but only briefly as Oslo and Diwan discover their whereabouts. Sadly, Mila realizes once again she must sacrifice herself for her children to escape. As Lena and Mahad speed away, Lena has a vision of the hangar where the Hyperion was found. Telling Mahad this is where they need to go next, the episode ends.
10"Blue Sky"1 April 2007 (2007-04-01)
Thanks to the new defense grid, Blue Sky, installed by the Vector, Puerto Angel can remain hidden indefinitely, allowing the pirates to conduct their raids without fear of invasion. On one such raid, they discover a device that contains all of Mila's memories. However, in order to access those memories, the device must be connected to Blue Sky, rendering Puerto Angel defenseless. Lena, with the help of Cheng, go against Cortes' orders and connect the device, until they realize it is a trap set by Oslo, who plans to destroy the resistance once and for all.
11"The Secret of Temuera"15 April 2007 (2007-04-15)
Lena receives a vision of trouble in the Temuera block. Oslo's troops are occupying the area, looking for a legendary relic, "the Origin", which can magnify a Seijin's powers hundredfold. Mahad and Lena must cooperate with Faro, the village elder of the Temuera block, in order to retrieve the Origin before Oslo can get to it.
12"Kharzem Fortress - Part One"25 May 2007 (2007-05-25)
Diwan seemingly dies whilst Lena and Mahad attempt to retrieve their mother but end up finding out that entering Kharzem was a trap. Oslo tells Lena that her father is alive and he knows where he is, she doesn't believe him. Is Oslo really telling the truth?
13"Kharzem Fortress - Part Two"25 May 2007 (2007-05-25)
It is the final showdown between Lena and Oslo but is Lena strong enough to take down Oslo? Meanwhile, Mahad and Mila escape from Kharzem Fortress before it is severely damaged. Oslo manages to survive but is it too late for Lena to escape and will she survive? The Seijin Powers are finally introduced.


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