Untalkative Bunny

Untalkative Bunny

Untalkative Bunny

Bunny and Squirrel
Genre Animated cartoon
Created by Graham Falk[1]
Based on Graham Falk's Cartoon Sushi short
Written by Karolina Craig, Jordan Craig
Directed by Graham Falk, Nick Cross
  • David Burns
  • Wayne Bartlett
Country of origin
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
Original language(s)
  • English
  • French
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 39 (195 shorts)
Executive producer(s) Diane Craig
Location(s) Ottawa, Canada
Running time 22 minutes (5 minutes per short)
Production company(s) Glaverotic Cartoons
Rooster Entertainment Group
Blue Twist Animation IIV
Original network
Original release April 15, 2001 (2001-04-15)[1][2][3] – July 4, 2003 (2003-07-04)[3]
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Untalkative Bunny is a Canadian/British co-produced animated series about a yellow rabbit and its life in the big city (closely based on Ottawa, Canada.) The series consists of small episodes (about 4–5 minutes long each), and have been aired by Teletoon, as well as Disney in many parts of the world including the UK & France (excluding the US). The show first aired on Teletoon on April 15, 2001.[2] The show was written by Karolina Craig & Jordan Craig with Graham Falk as creative Director and Board Supervisor. The episodes usually deal with Bunny and the problems of a modern life in the big city, and often present surreal elements. The show is full of "modern life" elements, such as diets, vegetarianism, racism, and environmentalism.

Other recurring characters include:

65 five minute episodes were made for the first season. A subsequent 2nd and 3rd season was made with Dawn Wilton supervising the co-writers from the first season. Some of the episodes in the third season were written solely by the UK department. The cartoon soundtrack consists of a wide range of musical styles including bossa nova and jazz tunes written by Canadian composers David Burns and Wayne Bartlett.

Season one

# Title Plot
1 Pilot Untalkative Bunny receives a call from a telemarketer.
2 Bunny Fish Untalkative Bunny swims to an underwater arabesque when his apartment is flooded.
3 Clam! Untalkative Bunny is harassed by a talkative clam.
4 Squirrel of Horror Untalkative Bunny is stalked by Squirrel with a bag of pistachio nuts.
5 Passport Photo Untalkative Bunny poses for pictures to get to Honolulu.
6 Ballet Lesson Untalkative Bunny takes a CD-ROM ballet lesson and must maintain a cheesecake-free figure.
7 Rain Day Untalkative Bunny mails a letter in the rain.
8 Airport Luggage Tags Untalkative Bunny visits the airport as luggage.
9 A Relaxing Afternoon with Dostoyevsky Untalkative Bunny's afternoon is disturbed by bells and buzzers.
10 Autumn Untalkative Bunny turns his apartment into a sick ward for fallen leaves.
11 New Sofa Untalkative Bunny has his sighing eyes on a horse pattern sofa.
12 Milk Day Untalkative Bunny milks a cow in a grocery store.
13 Papa Bunny Untalkative Bunny takes in three stray kittens.
14 Cat Door Bunny Untalkative Bunny trespasses a house like Goldilocks.
15 Squirrel Likes Nuts Untalkative Bunny is overexposed to Squirrel and his Hoard.
16 Mascot Bunny Untalkative Bunny and Emu try out for a cheerleading team's mascot position.
17 Squirrel Problem Squirrel has a pesty appetite for birdseed.
18 Office Building Untalkative Bunny puzzles with an elevator.
19 Youth of Today Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel represent the youth of today.
20 Friendly Friend Untalkative Bunny meets Friendly for the first time before future misused appearances.
21 Boogeyman Untalkative Bunny's bedtime is disturbed.
22 Fly Bunny Untalkative Bunny undergoes a metamorphosis.
23 Short Ears Untalkative Bunny's hair is styled by Jordano.
24 Cleaning The Apartment Untalkative Bunny cleans up.
25 Enjoy Your Meal Untalkative Bunny is put off by the attentive wait staff.
26 Fitness Centre Untalkative Bunny Pumps up.
27 Squirrel Safari Untalkative Bunny faints from an encounter with a tribe of soundmaking squirrels.
28 Chocolate Bunny Untalkative Bunny schemes to rescue a chocolate bunny from the sun.
29 Psychiatrist Untalkative Bunny slams teachers in a therapy session.
30 Airplane Ride Untalkative Bunny abandons Happy Air Flight 909.
31 Sheep Federation Untalkative Bunny is sheered by a duncey sheep federation.
32 Stuck in a Dump Untalkative Bunny gets driven to a dump outside of town.
33 Farm Animals Untalkative Bunny is missing; Squirrel sets up a search for his missing friend.
34 Animal Music Untalkative Bunny disco dances through the night with a newly hatched chick.
35 Country Morning Untalkative Bunny wakes up perched on a fencepost and is caught having coffee.
36 Big Race A fox is enamoured by Untalkative Bunny.
37 Rare Golden Sloth Untalkative Bunny poses as a golden sloth at the zoo.
38 At The Movies Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel rent a Mothra video when their theatre experience is dashed.
39 Black Out Emu skulks in Untalkative Bunny's apartment during a blackout.
40 Late Bunny Untalkative Bunny is late for school and has a chat with the principal.
41 Book Store Untalkative Bunny is mistaken for a reclusive author at a bookstore.
42 The Vet Squirrel gorges on peanut butter.
43 The Horror of Loneliness Untalkative Bunny follows a radio doctor's hugging cure for loneliness.
44 Kindergarten Untalkative Bunny is stifled in kindergarten.
45 Shower Curtain Bunny Untalkative Bunny rubs soap in his eyes and gets caught in his shower curtain.
46 Car Trouble Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel become terrible mechanics.
47 Turkey Untalkative Bunny frees a turkey from the supermarket with a personality to shrug about
48 Pet Shop Untalkative Bunny browses a pet store and makes a purchase.
49 Fishing Trip Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel befriend dolphins.
50 Squirrel's Party Squirrel's son is one year older and crushes Untalkative Bunny with an ungracious response to his gift.
51 Mangoose Untalkative Bunny has a creepy faced introduction to a pink-faced Mangoose.
52 Summer Camp Untalkative Bunny camps unhappily.
53 Weather Report Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel bring the elements indoors through mime.
54 Police Questioning Untalkative Bunny is a suspect.
55 Fashion Bunny Untalkative Bunny models a fruit plate.
56 On Vacation Emu spoils the salad bar at the Giant Peanut Motel.
57 Sleeping Pastry Ballet Untalkative Bunny, Squirrel, and Emu perform a ballet story.
58 Cell Phone Untalkative Bunny runs errands for the father of a stranger who tossed out his cell phone.
59 Vegetable Factory Untalkative Bunny wanders through a vegetable factory.
60 Big Date A matchmaking cat sets Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel up on a date.
61 Bunny and Beaver Untalkative Bunny visits Beaver for his television set.
62 Bungee Bunny Untalkative Bunny cautiously approaches an elastic thrill recreation activity.
63 Sports Store Untalkative Bunny shops at a sports store and lets his football imagination run wild.
64 Acting School Untalkative Bunny joins an acting school and flexes his thespian talents.
65 In the Basement Untalkative Bunny blows a fuse and explores the basement of his apartment building.
66 Gymnastics Untalkative Bunny holds his own Olympics.

Season two

Episodes in khaki are Untalkative Bunny's fairs.

# Title Plot
67 Tropical Fantasy Mer-Emu appears in Untalkative Bunny's fantasy escape from a cold apartment.
68 Warm Neighbours Emu fuels his fireplace with his neighbour's clothes.
69 Squirrel Hotel Untalkative Bunny journey's to the centre of Squirrel Hotel.
70 Bunny Buns Untalkative Bunny bakes a warm wardrobe.
71 Hot Party Untalkative Bunny hosts a lame party.
72 Goodbye TV Untalkative Bunny parts with his beloved television set.
73 A Show For Everyone Untalkative Bunny visits his neighbours with cable television.
74 Hoard All You Can Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel watch Emu participate in the grocery game show "Hoard All You Can".
75 Real Life Drama Untalkative Bunny walks in on the set of a soap opera drama.
76 Friends Are Better Than Cable Untalkative Bunny has friends and a film projector.
77 Vegetarian Vigilantes Untalkative Bunny tries to jog out his carrot cake gut.
78 Marathon Untalkative Bunny races as an international star athlete.
79 Socks & Sandals Untalkative Bunny shops at a health food store and gets hit in the wallet.
80 Yoga Master Untalkative Bunny takes up yoga and gets an inaccurate aura reading.
81 Silent Skater Untalkative Bunny takes up skating to impress girls.
82 Mistress Rainbow Untalkative Bunny impressionably calls a psychic hotline.
83 Teen Idol Concert Fun Untalkative Bunny has teen idol concert fun.
84 Book Club Untalkative Bunny joins a severe book club.
85 Fairy Tale Curse Untalkative Bunny transports himself into medieval times while at the theatre.
86 Video Game Challenge Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel duel at the arcade on a game called "Hoard All You Can."
87 What's that Noise? Emu gets a specific kind of piano and reveals a possible sensitive side.
88 Too Much Bunny Emu redecorates his apartment; however, he is fickle.
89 Secret Passageway Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel explore a voyeur's (not-well-hidden) passageway.
90 Beach Escape Untalkative Bunny escapes jackhammers at the beach.
91 Don't Play At Construction Sites Untalkative Bunny plays at a construction site and gets encased in concrete.
92 Friendly Together Untalkative Bunny shares tea with a Friendly Friend and feels alone in the world.
93 Squirrel Family Reunion Untalkative Bunny Joins Squirrel for classic family reunion games.
94 Long Lost Llama With dial-up internet, Untalkative Bunny enlists a family finding service to bring a living animal in his life.
95 Singles Mixer Untalkative Bunny mingles and dates.
96 Phone-a-Friend Untalkative Bunny puts Nazca lines in his carpet and gives Phone-a-Friend Enterprises a second chance.
97 Eating With Manners Untalkative Bunny, Squirrel, and Emu are in for a half-hour of being taught etiquette.
98 Opening Doors Untalkative Bunny amuses himself by a dream sequence about a walking carrot.
99 Proper Grooming Untalkative Bunny, Squirrel, and Emu watch a film about grooming while having crumbs in their fur.
100 Animal Obedience Emu has a conditioned relationship with French soft cheeses.
102 The Last Nut Squirrel goes to the tall peanut butter sandwich.
103 Mystery Friend Untalkative Bunny takes a spill from a runaway shopping cart.
104 Psychoalas Emu swaps vacation homes with Australians.
105 Canape Killer Untalkative Bunny is invited to an evening of mystery.
106 Concerned Marmot Surfers A wave sweeps Untalkative Bunny into an underwater castle.
107 Marmoteer Recruitment Untalkative Bunny is visited by a cute premise and professional marmot model.
108 Charity Gala Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel attend a fundraiser.
109 Volunteer Round Up Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel sample volunteering opportunities.
110 Catch and Release Untalkative Bunny is misguidedly shuttled to the forest. Then he has a social afternoon.
111 Art Museum Untalkative Bunny takes a stringment afternoon at the art museum, but is turned into conceptual art.
112 Smile-A-Matic 3000 Untalkative Bunny suffers hits of disturbance.
113 Betty Sue Untalkative Bunny's misassigned compassion appeals an animate doll.
114 Sound and Smell Untalkative Bunny has a fashion show on his ears and purchases a home sensory ambiance improvement device.
115 Vendor Untalkative Bunny exercises his face before a ballet studio's vending machine arrives.
116 Robotic Home Beauty Centre Deluxe Untalkative Bunny is made over by a monstrously fangled beauty machine.
117 Medieval Fair Yellow Sir gets a friendship scroll at the fair; Beaver makes a lagoon appearance.
118 Organization Fair Untalkative Bunny finds out orderliness cramps his living.
119 Food Fair Untalkative Bunny spices up his palate at the food fair.
120 Home Decor Fair Once again, Untalkative Bunny is dumped out in a dumpster again.
121 Franchise Fair Untalkative Bunny is sold on fruit and vegetable paper product.
122 Get a Lifestyle Untalkative Bunny gets his home remodelled.
123 Recreational City Hang Gliding Squirrel presents his danger-cheating nature.
124 DJ Bun-E in the House Untalkative Bunny has a velvety record collection and Emu has a pimped out ride.
125 Bunny Lake Untalkative Bunny slides backstage on a performance of Swan Lake and dresses up.
126 Larry Tunes Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel go to see a perplexingly cheesy lounge act.
127 Paintball Untalkative Bunny goes paintballing and admires his crafty look in goggles.
128 Temptation Hat Untalkative Bunny returns a Carmen Miranda apple.
129 Practical Joker Untalkative Bunny falls prey to a joke shop.
129 Dream Machine Untalkative Bunny jobs up to a tri-tone lemon machine.
130 Amazing Crockery Untalkative Bunny tries his hand at unappealing pratfallery.

Season three

# Title Plot
131 Lettuce Make Magic Untalkative Bunny pulls a rabbit out of a hat multiplied by heads of lettuce after he failed other kinds of magic.
132 Journey To The Bottom of The Hat Untalkative Bunny journeys to the bottom of a hat.
133 Buttercups and Daisies Untalkative Bunny becomes a fully fledged magician.
134 Card On the Window Untalkative Bunny apprentices a card throwing trick.
135 Long Term Levitation Untalkative Bunny can't stop floating adorably.
136 Cuckoo Crisis Untalkative Bunny develops sewing skills and cute scenes of sleep-deprivation
137 Fur Ball Untalkative Bunny gets a hairpiece.
138 Late Phobia Untalkative Bunny has to get to macramé class on time.
139 Futuristic Ant Encounter Untalkative Bunny shares his apartment with ants and has a watermelon-induced hallucination.
140 Youth Therapy Untalkative Bunny turns back the clock.
141 Straight Down the Middle Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel take to the links.
142 Treasure Hunt Untalkative Bunny and his whole gang compete in a scavenger hunt.
143 Hide & Seek Untalkative Bunny corrals friends with the party game of hide and seek.
144 Soy Substitute Nut Untalkative Bunny worries about nut allergies on behalf of Squirrel.
145 Knitting Circle Untalkative Bunny joins a stereotypically inane knitting circle.
146 Go-Karting Untalkative Bunny, Squirrel, and Emu race.
147 Eye Test Untalkative Bunny gets prescription glasses.
148 Plant Pal Untalkative Bunny raises an ungrateful flytrap.
149 Garnish Me Beautiful Garnish overload.
150 Squirrel Sitting Untalkative Bunny is a poor disciplinarian.
151 Day Trip Untalkative Bunny travels the countryside by rail
152 Seaside Safety Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel star in an instructional episode with funnily square narration.
153 Home of the Future Untalkative Bunny gets a high-tech houseguest.
154 Hiccups The horror of a hugging machine rids Untalkative Bunny's hiccups.
155 Superstition Untalkative Bunny runs through a list of superstitions.
156 Horseback Heroes Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel are city mama's boys.
157 Portrait of a Bunny Untalkative Bunny is misled by a portrait painter.
158 Secret Valentine Emu has a secret Valentine.
159 Fairground Prizes Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel win a coconut at the midway.
160 Duckling Patrol Ducklings hatch in Untalkative Bunny's window box.
161 That Certain Smile Untalkative Bunny has a toothache.
162 Stress Busting Untalkative Bunny gets stressed.
163 Lazybones Untalkative Bunny's chores stack up.
164 Chopsticks Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel dine out and rescue a cat with giant utensils.
165 Robot Dog Untalkative Bunny is a cat person.
166 Chain Letters Untalkative Bunny gets a life-tip from the postman.
167 The Missing Piece Untalkative Bunny scouts his house for the central piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
168 Goldibunny Untalkative Bunny visits the Bear Brothers department store.
169 Superbunny Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel rescue citizens from the domestic unhandiness.
170 Aromatherapy Mud Wrap Untalkative Bunny and Disco Chick have an introductory pass at the spa.
171 Urban Gardener Untalkative Bunny grows an oasis in the city.
172 Window Cleaner The most tickling snapshot of Emu.
173 Let There Be Light Untalkative Bunny upgrades from a desk lamp to the hypnotic bulbs of a discothèque.
174 Piano Lesson More player piano action.
175 Double Mocha Untalkative Bunny breaks away from Starbucks.
176 Gotta Dance Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel have grace in their feet.
177 Cafe Society Poet Cat passes Mellow Yellow some ketchup.
178 Cool Cat Jazz Bunny Poet Cat hosts an evening party.
179 Museum Watchmen Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel take a shift as night watchmen.
180 Shhhhh! Untalkative Bunny is shushed out of the library.
181 Hotel Fabuloso Untalkative Bunny and the gang have a towel snapping frenzy.
182 Coffee Quitters Untalkative Bunny sits in on a coffee quitting club.
183 Bunny Catches a Cold Untalkative Bunny touches germs in a public washroom.
184 Sticker Mania Naked Guy and Small Red Guy get into stickers.
185 Rare Stick Insect A rare stick insect on Untalkative Bunny's television.
186 Taxi Ride Untalkative Bunny gets in the cab of a discomforting driver.
187 Memories of the Forest Untalkative Bunny and Squirrel tap a maple syrup bottle.
188 Passing the Puck Untalkative Bunny passes a puck.
189 Squirrel's Revenge Driving School Untalkative Bunny has a stint as a driving instructor.
190 Vertigo Untalkative Bunny tours the CN Tower.
191 Hockey Fanatic Untalkative Bunny and Beaver attend a hockey game.
192 Squirrel's New Friend Untalkative Bunny renews his driver's licence on his birthday.
193 Musical Ride Untalkative Bunny and Llama tour a local attraction.
194 Landromat Life Untalkative Bunny interacts with humans at the laundromat.
195 Split Personality Untalkative Bunny witnesses opposite personalities of Emu.


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