Journey to the West – Legends of the Monkey King

Journey to the West – Legends of the Monkey King
Also known as Chinese: 西游记
Genre Fantasy
Based on Journey to the West by Wu Cheng-en
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 26[1] (52 segments)[2]
Running time 22 minutes (11 minutes per segment)
Production company(s) China Central Television
Distributor DHX Media
Original network China Central Television (China)
Teletoon (Canada)
Original release March 11 (2000-03-11)[2] – June 4, 2000 (2000-06-04)[2]

Journey to the West – Legends of the Monkey King is a 2000 Chinese cartoon show produced by China Central Television. It is based on the novel Journey to the West. There are 52 episodes in total with a duration of about 11 minutes each. The English-language version of the show was produced by Cinar (now DHX Media, previously Cookie Jar Group). It first aired on Teletoon in Canada and was later aired on the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV in the United States from 2009 to 2010.

The production began in 1992.[3] It has been regarded as a classic of Chinese animation.[4]


The Monkey King who was born from a magic stone, has been imprisoned underneath a mountain for five centuries for his mischief in the heavens. One day, the Goddess Quan Yen told Monkey that the Monk Tripitaka will set him free and Monkey will join him on a pilgrimage from China to India. The next day, Tripitaka came and set Monkey free, and the two started their Journey to the west. Along the way, they meet two new friends, Pigsy and the Hermit Sandy who joins them on the journey; together, they face many dangers and evil creatures and sorcerers and learn to get along.


Original cast

Other - Bai Tao, Ding Jianhua, Di Feifei, Jiang Yuling, Hoi Fan, LIU Qin, Sun Yu Feng, Luo Gangsheng, Wang Xiaobing, etc.

English cast


Original Chinese name English Translation
1 猴王出世 The Monkey King is born
2 龙宫取宝 Obtaining a treasure from the Dragon Palace
3 养马风波 Turmoil when looking after horses
4 大闹天宫 Messing in the Heavenly Palace
5 大战二郎神 Battle with Erlang God
6 难逃佛掌心 (I) Difficult to escape the Buddha's hand (I)
7 难逃佛掌心 (II) Difficult to escape the Buddha's hand (II)
8 师徒喜相逢 Master and Disciple happily united
9 智收白龙马 Receiving the White Dragon Horse with wisdom
10 恶僧盗袈裟 An evil monk steals the cassock
11 制服黑熊妖 Subduing the Black Bear Monster
12 猪八戒拜师 Pigsy accepts his master
13 险走黄风岭 Dangerously crossing the Yellow Wind Ridge
14 流沙河收徒 Receiving a disciple at the Flowing Sand River
15 偷吃人参果 Stealing the Ginsengfruit
16 观音救仙树 Guanyin rescues the immortal tree
17 三打白骨精 Three battles with the White Bone Demon
18 误入波月洞 Mistakenly entering the Wave Moon Cave
19 唐僧变老虎 Tripitaka turns into a tiger
20 八戒请悟空 Pigsy invites Monkey
21 平顶山遇险 Encountering danger at Flat Top Mountain
22 莲花洞降妖 Subduing demons at Lotus Cave
23 老国王托梦 The old king appears in a dream
24 乌鸡国除妖 Slaying demons in the Kingdom of Wuji
25 悟空遇圣婴 Monkey meets a magical child
26 收伏红孩儿 Converting Red Boy
27 车迟国比武 Competition at Chechi kingdom
28 大圣除三妖 The Great Sage wipes out three demons
29 夜阻通天河 Stopping at the River to Heaven at night
30 苦斗独角怪 Struggling to fight the one-horned demon
31 女儿国奇遇 Interesting encounter in Women Country
32 琵琶洞逼婚 Forced to marry at Pipa Cave
33 真假孙悟空 The real and fake Monkey
34 佛祖识猕猴 Buddha identifies the macaque
35 被困火焰山 Trapped at Flame Mountain
36 激战牛魔王 Fiercely fighting the Bull Demon King
37 火烧盘丝洞 The Cave of Silken Web is burnt
38 消灭蜈蚣精 Wiping out the centipede spirit
39 金光塔平冤 Injustice at the Golden Light Pagoda
40 假西天遭难 Trouble at the false Western Heaven
41 弥勒收妖童 The demon child returns to Maitreya
42 悟空成名医 Monkey becomes a famous doctor
43 巧取紫金铃 Skillfully taking the Purple and Gold bell
44 勇闯狮驼岭 Bravely crossing the Lion Camel Ridge
45 大圣斗三魔 The Great Sage fights the three demons
46 拯救比丘国 Saving the Bhikkhu Kingdom
47 填平无底洞 Trapped in a bottomless pit
48 糊涂老国王 Confusing the old king
49 大闹连环洞 Messing in the Cave of Chains
50 天竺国招亲 Proposed for marriage in Tianzhu country
51 嫦娥收玉兔 Chang'e receives the Jade Rabbit
52 灵山取真经 Obtaining the scriptures at Lingshan mountain


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