Chop Chop (series)

Chop Chop
Developers Gamerizon
Platforms iOS

Chop Chop is a series of iOS video games developed by Gamerizon since 2009. The games in the series cover a wide variety of game types, primarily action and sports games, though they generally share a common art style. According to Gamerizon, 15 million "Chop Chop" games were downloaded by 2011 on the App Store and six of those have been downloaded a million times each.[1]


Chop Chop Ninja is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on December 25, 2009. The game has a Metacritic rating of 75% based on 4 critic ratings.[2]

AppSpy wrote "If you enjoy platformers, Chop Chop Ninja is worth a play for its style, and its controls. "[3] No Dpad said "Despite some shortcomings, Chop Chop Ninja is overall a fun game, a welcome entry to the App Store's mostly underwhelming line-up of ninja titles, and likely to be the last sleeper hit of 2009. "[4] SlideToPlay wrote "Clumsy controls take the stealth action out of this ninja game. "[5] TouchGen said "Chop Chop Ninja is a cool action platformer with cute and bright presentation, innovative touch controls mixed with a bit too easy difficulty and a short story mode. It is definitely interesting to pick up for the controls alone in my opinion. "[6]

An animated series based on the game debuted on Teletoon in Canada[7] on November 8,[8] 2014.[9]


Chop Chop Runner is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on March 18, 2010. The game has a Metacritic score of 69% based on 4 critic reviews.[10]

AppSpy said "If you're already in love with games like Run! or Canabalt you'll find a lot of similarities with Chop Chop Runner and its addition of touch-based enemy attacks make this unique enough to add to your collection. "[11] SlideToPlay wrote "We had a lot of fun running, jumping, and ninja slashing in one compact package. "[12] IGN wrote "Chop Chop Runner is a Canabalt clone that only costs a third of its inspiration -- but it also isn't as exciting or stylish. "[13] GamePro said "Things get frantic quickly, so it'll be challenging to last for more than a few minutes for most players. "[10]


Chop Chop Tennis is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on May 5, 2010. SlideToPlay gave the game a 2 out of 5, writing "Chop Chop Tennis doesn't ease you into the gameplay as it should, but if you invest some time to figure out the controls, you'll find that it's a totally decent tennis game."[14] CommonSenseMedia gave the game 5/5, writing "CHOP CHOP TENNIS has a look that screams "kid game." It's characters resemble extras from The PowerPuff Girls. And while there's nothing here that wouldn't be appropriate for kids, this is actually a sophisticated tennis game with one of the most satisfying control schemes around. As long as you swipe your finger after the ball's first bounce, you'll hit it. But exactly how and where you hit it is dependent on the angle, curve, and speed of your swipe. It's an incredibly intuitive and visceral way to play. Add that to its funky art style and you've got one of the best tennis game around."[15]

AppSpy gave it 3.5, commenting "'Chop Chop Tennis' doesn't feel as complete as the rest of the 'Chop Chop' series, but with Gamerizon's signature one-finger gameplay it's still a simple to pick up and master game for those after a quick round of tennis."[16] TheAppEra concluded "Chop Chop Tennis may not be the most realistic tennis game on the iPhone, but in my opinion, it is the best for those, who; like me, do not enjoy sports and value great gameplay with fun graphics over an emphasis on realism. This game is excellent, and a great value for the money, and also offers an iPad version."[17]


Chop Chop Soccer is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on August 4, 2010. Gamezebo gave the game 3.5/5 stars, writing "Chop Chop Soccer plays a bright and particularly accessible brand of a football. You do get the impression that it would benefit from embracing its wacky, larger than life side a little more, but it still stands as a refreshing alternative to some of the straighter soccer titles on the App Store."[18] SlideToPLay gave it a 3 out of 5, writing " Chop Chop Soccer is an intuitive game of simple fun, but a far cry from any multifaceted version of soccer."[19] CNet said "It's little more than single-player soccer with three-man teams--but it's a blast."[20] AppSpy gave it a 4 out of 5, writing "Chop Chop Soccer may not be for hardcore fans of the sport, but it's a quick and fun title that will appeal to casual gamers on the go."[21]

AppSafari gave it 4 stars, concluding "Chop Chop Soccer a challenging soccer game with kid-friendly characters and big bright graphics, and definitely worth checking out."[22] AppAdvice said "Chop Chop Soccer is a solid arcade soccer game that offers plenty of challenge. The game can be frustrating at times because of the controls, and the lack of a free flowing high scoring arcade feel. If you’re interested in an arcade soccer game this one should be right at the top of your list, but is worth considering overall."[23] PocketGamerUK gave the gave 5/10, commenting "Hampered by overly simple and poorly instigated touch controls, Chop Chop Soccer is an empty experience that's more frustrating than fun".[24]


Chop Chop Hockey is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on November 3, 2010. PocketGamer gave the game 6/10, writing "Coming just months after the lacklustre Chop Chop Soccer, the first thing that springs to mind after a few minutes play is that, albeit narrowly, Chop Chop Hockey is a better game."[25] CommonSenseMedia gave the game 4/5 stars, commenting "CHOP CHOP HOCKEY is the latest sports game from the team that brought us the action game, Chop Chop Ninja. Like all the Chop Chop games, this hockey sim is notable for its cute, cartoony characters and ultra-simple one-finger controls. The teams, which include police officers, cavemen, and ninjas (naturally), are imaginatively designed and different enough from one another that you'll want to try out several of them. You can play a quick game or long tournament. The only thing missing is two-player head-to-head competition."[26]


Chop Chop Caveman is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on November 25, 2010. The game has a Metacritic score of 73% based on 5 critic reviews.[27] NoDpad said "Chop Chop Caveman may be the best prehistoric platformer since Bonk's Adventure, and the best Chop Chop game yet. "[28] AppSpy wrote "Chop Chop Caveman is a great new platformer that features a 'smart' control system that may not click with some, but shows a lot of potential as an alternative to stiff virtual buttons. "[29] GamePro described the game as "A totally passable platformer that's fun to pull out and play if you only have a few minutes on your hands. "[27] Pocket Gamer UK wrote "An adorable prehistoric romp, Chop Chop Caveman has sharp, modern graphics and clunky, stone age controls. "[30] Slide To Play said "Chop Chop Caveman is graphically sharp, but has primitive controls. "[31]


Chop Chop Kicker is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on March 24, 2011. The game has a Metacritic score of 76% based on 4 critic reviews.[32] AppSafari said "Playing Chop Chop Kicker is fun and addictive enough that you may want to just sit down at the end of the day and play it for an hour or so - at least, it may not feel like an hour to you. "[33] AppGamer wrote "Chop Chop Kicker may be basic and lack the longer term challenge of some other flying games, but the cute graphics and interesting use of a crayon help it to stand out among the crowd. "[34] SlideToPlay wrote "Chop Chop Kicker works well as a distraction, though, and is pleasing enough to burrow into for a little while. Oh, and it also works as a well-researched history lesson on primordial human life. Honest! "[35] Gamezebo said "If you're looking for a charming little cannon-style distance game, Chop Chop Kicker delivers more than enough fun to justify the purchase – just don't expect much of a carrot on a stick when it comes to unlockables. "[36]


Chop Chop Rocket is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on April 21, 2011. PocketGamer UK wrote "Chop Chop Rocket's competent presentation and gameplay mechanics are not fleshed out with enough content for it to be considered an essential purchase."[37] AppGamer said "With no levels to speak of, no great variation in theme, the game just becomes stale far too quickly."[38] Gamezebo described it as " An average-at-best arcade title. "[39]


Chop Chop Slicer is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on June 9, 2011. The game has a Metacritic score of 86% based on 5 critic reviews.[40] SlideToPlay wrote "Chop Chop Slicer is the best Chop Chop Anything so far. "[41] 148Apps said "Hugely fun, very well made and is just the sort of thing that will keep me coming back over and over again in an attempt to better my scores, and hopefully those of my friends. "[42] Gamezebo wrote "While it may be a familiar experience, there's more than enough of a twist here to make Chop Chop Slicer a worthy addition to any Fruit Ninja fan's game library. "[43] PocketgamerUK described it as "An innovative take on the slice-'em-up genre whose new ideas and simple controls will endear it to fans of the Chop Chop series and newcomers alike. "[44] AppSpy said "Chop Chop Slicer takes another swipe at the object slicing gameplay and manages to capture some of the original spark of fun by mixing things up."[45]

Ninja World

Chop Chop Ninja World is an iOS game developed by Gamerizon and released on November 28, 2012. Gamezebo gave the game 4/5 stars, writing "The designation of "World" in its title just goes to show how large the scope of Chop Chop Ninja World truly is: from sidescrolling stages, to kingdom building, to competing in challenges with friends, fans of the series will find much to love here.[46] TouchGen rated the game 50%, commenting " Chop Chop Ninja World is a decent game with technical problems, a lack of necessary precision in control, and some fresh ideas, and for all of that I can say the game is okay. However the freemium nature of the game can't be ignored."[47]


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