List of defunct social networking websites

This is a list of defunct social networking websites.

Name Description/Focus Registered users Registration
43 Things Goal setting and achievement 12,914[1] Closed on 1 January 2015
Avatars United Online games 22,686,225[2] Open
Bahu General; was popular in France, Belgium and elsewhere in Europe 1,000,000[3] Open to people aged 13–25
Bolt Teen community website Open
Capazoo 230,000 Open
eConozco Bought by Xing Open
FitFinder Anonymous UK student microblogging website. 322,113[4] Open
Formspring Social Q&A website 290,000,000[5] Open
FullCircle Geosocial networking and location-based services portal for mobile devices Open
Hyves Social (Dutch) 10,300,000 Closed in 2013; the Telegraaf Media Group announced it would reform Hyves from a social network platform to an exclusive gaming platform. All users had the ability to download their social profile. On December 1, 2013 all the non-downloaded accounts were removed.
Mobli Social mobile photo and video-sharing website Shutdown in 2016
Mugshot Social network aggregator from Red Hat, with compatible desktop software and an official Firefox plugin Open
Piczo A social networking and blogging website for teens; bought by Posh Media Group Shutdown in November 2012
PlanetAll Social network, calendar and address site founded in 1996 purchased by in 1998 but closed down in 2000 1,500,000 Open
Pownce Microblogging application (similar to Twitter) Open 230,000 Open to previous members
Surfbook Early Dutch social networking service which closed in 2004. Alleged inventor of the Like button.[6]
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 120,000,000[7] Open
Yahoo! 360° Linked to Yahoo! IDs, closed everywhere except at Yahoo! Vietnam.[8] Open to people 18 and older (Yahoo! login)
Yahoo! Kickstart Linked to Yahoo! IDs. Connecting students & Alumni Open to students and alumni at specific colleges and universities (Yahoo! login)
Yahoo! Mash Linked to Yahoo! IDs. Closed. Open to people 18 and older (Yahoo! login)


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