Original author(s) Steve Chen
Chad Hurley
Developer(s) AVOS Systems
Initial release August 8, 2013 (2013-08-08)
Development status Active
Operating system iOS, Android
Type Video
License Freeware
Website mixbit.com

MixBit is a video-sharing service that was created by two of the three co-founders of YouTube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. It started on August 8, 2013. MixBit's website lets users create dynamic shared videos. It competes with Vine (owned by Twitter) and Instagram (owned by Facebook) in the video sharing website market.[1]

MixBit's iPhone app was released in August 2013, and its Android app followed that October.

AVOS Systems

AVOS Systems was an Internet company founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Vijay Karunamurthy. In April 2011, it was announced that AVOS purchased Delicious, with the transition occurring in June 2011.[2][3] In May 2011, AVOS purchased the social analytics company Tap 11.[4] In May 2014, AVOS sold Delicious to Science Inc.[5]

In 2014 AVOS transformed from an incubator into a single company working only on MixBit.[6]


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