Streetlife (website)

Streetlife is a British social networking website that links users together based on the neighbourhood where they live.


Streetlife was developed by IT expert Matt Boyes, after his sister's new London home had been burgled in 2008 and she had found it awkward to get in contact with her neighbours.[1] Originally called "Streetbook", it was trialed in the London Borough of Wandsworth.[2] was launched to the rest of the UK on 21 March 2011.[3]

Streetlife received financial investment from newspaper and magazine company, Archant, Caffè Nero co-founder Paul Ettinger and Friends Reunited founder Steve Pankhurst amongst others. By 2013 they had raised £1.4 million investment and Archant's media connections were used to re-market the website.[4]

By 2015 Streetlife claimed to have 1 million members[5] (doubling in size over the first six months of the year) and covering 4,000 communities in the UK.[6]


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