Draugiem, Ltd.
Type of business Private
Type of site
Social network service
Available in Latvian, Russian, English
Headquarters Latvia
Key people Lauris Liberts, Founder
Website www.draugiem.lv
Alexa rank Negative increase 2646 (May 2015)[1]
Advertising Banner ads
Registration Required
Launched April 24, 2004
Current status Active

Draugiem is a social networking website launched in 2004. It is the largest social networking website in Latvia with approx. 2.6 million registered users.[2] The website plays an important role in the everyday life of internet users in Latvia, and is frequently used as a communication tool instead of e-mail.

The Draugiem social network operates under the Draugiem Group, an umbrella organisation that is home to many IT related companies, which have developed under the wings of the social network.[3]


The Draugiem.lv social network was founded by Lauris Liberts and Agris Tamanis on March 24, 2004. By spring 2007, the social network had reached 1 000 000 users. The social network has since expanded to create several startups under its wings, becoming The Draugiem Group.


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