Untappd Inc.
Type of business Social networking service
Key people
  • Greg Avola
  • Tim Mather
Slogan(s) Drink Socially
Website http://untappd.com/
Users 4 million
Launched October 22, 2010[1]

Untappd is a geosocial networking service and mobile phone application that allows its users to check into beers as they drink them, and share these check-ins and their locations with their friends.[2]

Untappd includes a functionality that allows users to rate the beer they are consuming, earn badges, share pictures of their beers, review tap lists from nearby venues, see what beers their friends are drinking, and suggests similar beverages.[3][4] In 2016, an updated version of the application allowed users to find a beer by scanning its barcode. It allows users to hail an Uber directly to the venue they'd checked into.[5]

At present, Untappd can share checkins with Twitter and Facebook accounts of its users, and can pull in locations from Foursquare.


As a user checks in different beers, they receive different badges. These badges are divided into beer badges, venue badges and special badges. Beer badges are for instance based upon be how many beers consumed (for example 100, 500, 1000), 5 different from one country, 5 of a type like an amber or wit, or it can be 6 check in of one beer. Venue badges are for checking in at locations like different bars, different bars in one night, sport venue and so on. Special badges are available when a beer is checked in on special days like Christmas, New Year's Eve, or Untappd's anniversary.


On January 17, 2014 it was announced that Untappd surpassed the 1 million users and by April 2016, they had 3.2 million users.[6][7]

On January 15, 2016, Untappd announced that it would become a subsidiary of Next Glass, a beer and wine rating and suggesting application.[8][9] Both companies indicated their applications will remain independent, but will benefit from increased data integrations.[10]

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