Wretch (website)

Wretch (Chinese: ; pinyin: wúmíng xiǎo zhàn) was a Taiwanese community web site; in Chinese, its name means Nameless Little Site. At one time it was the most well-known blog community in Taiwan with thousands of users registered. Wretch provided free photo album, and blog hosting services. Four languages, including English, were available. A more extensive VIP version was offered. It had been the top visited site using Traditional Chinese and the second in Taiwan after Yahoo Taiwan according to Alexa.

The domain wretch.cc attracted at least 4 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a Compete.com survey.[1]

In July 2007, Yahoo acquired Wretch; this became the biggest acquisition of Yahoo in Taiwan since Kimo, which was the major stepping stone to Yahoo's success in Taiwan's market. Shortly after the transaction, an angry wave of users have reacted in complaints to the changes in terms of conditions.

Wretch.cc has been blocked by the internet censorship in the People's Republic of China since August 2007.[2]

On 30 August 2013, Yahoo announced Wretch would be closed on 26 December, along with Yahoo! Blog.[3]

Mobile App

Yahoo has since issued an iOS application for all Apple mobile devices of Wretch. There is an English version of the app however there is not an English version of www.wretch.cc so the app will go straight from an English splash page and editing page to a Chinese text wretch.cc website.


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