Glitch (TV series)

Genre Drama
Directed by Emma Freeman
Starring Patrick Brammall
Emma Booth
Genevieve O'Reilly
Emily Barclay
Ned Dennehy
Aaron L. McGrath
Sean Keenan
Daniela Farinacci
Hannah Monson
Andrew McFarlane
Rodger Corser
Composer(s) Cornel Wilczek
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Tony Ayres
Producer(s) Ewan Burnett
Louise Fox
Location(s) Castlemaine, Riddells Creek, Monegeetta, Victoria, Australia
Editor(s) Mark Atkin
Running time 55 minutes
Production company(s) Matchbox Pictures
Original network ABC1
Original release 9 July 2015 (2015-07-09) – present

Glitch is an Australian paranormal television series which premiered on 9 July 2015, on ABC1. The series, set in the fictional country town of Yoorana, Victoria, is written by Louise Fox, Kris Mrksa, and Giula Sandler, and directed by Emma Freeman. It is produced by Ewan Burnett and Louise Fox, with Tony Ayres serving as an Executive Producer.[1]

The first season was awarded Australian television's two highest accolades for best drama.

On 26 October 2015, ABC TV renewed the show for a second series. Series two is currently in development and shooting will begin in late 2016. The second season will be co-produced by Netflix, which will stream the season globally outside of Australia, New Zealand and Africa in 2017.[2][3] In addition, on 15 October 2016, the first season was made available to stream on Netflix globally.


James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) is a small town policeman in Yoorana. He is called to the local cemetery in the middle of the night, after six people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health. With no memory of their identities, they are determined to discover who they are and what has happened to them. James and one of them recognise each other, and along with local doctor Elishia McKellar (Genevieve O'Reilly), James struggles to keep the case hidden from his colleagues, his family, and the world. The six people are all linked in some way, and the search begins for someone who knows the truth about how and why they have returned.[4]




  • John Leary as Chris Rennox
  • Anni Finsterer as Caroline Eastley
  • Lisa Flanagan as Kath
  • Tessa Rose as Sharon
  • Gerard Kennedy as Leon Massola
    • Antonio Kapusi-Starow as Young Leon
  • Phoebe Gorozidis as Anna
  • Alison Whyte as Lucy Fitzgerald
  • Jacob Collins-Levy as Rory Fitzgerald
  • Leila Gurruwiwi as Kalinda


Series 1

in series
in season
Title Original air date Viewers
11"The Risen"9 July 2015 (2015-07-09)511,000[5]

When Sergeant Hayes is called to the cemetery late at night he finds six naked, filthy, disoriented people. He begins an investigation to work out who they are but is shocked to discover that one of them is his wife Kate, who died two years before.

The returned remember their first names, but all except Kate seem not to know who they are or their last names. Carlo, who speaks only Italian, realizes who he is late in the episode and begins talking about his brother Alessandro. Dr McKellar happens to be treating a man named Alessandro who's in his 90's, so James takes Carlo to see him. On the road to Alessandro's house, Carlo begins bleeding from the eyes. When James stops to see if he's ok, Carlo leaves the car, having a flashback of his own death. As he crosses the bridge that seems to be the boundary that marks the edge of town, he turns to ash. James goes back to the doctor's office and tells Dr McKellar what happened, asking her to keep it secret until they can learn more about what's occurring. While investigating James' strange behavior, Vic finds Carlo's grave after witnessing his death on the bridge. In the penultimate scene of the episode, James heads home, and it is shown he has a pregnant significant other. As the episode comes to a close, another man is seen digging his way out of his grave.
22"Am I in Hell?"16 July 2015 (2015-07-16)442,000[6]
The Risen try to work out who they are and why they have returned. Meanwhile James is torn between his two loves and turns to Vic for help. Fearing for their safety, Elishia hides the Risen.
33"Miracle or Punishment"23 July 2015 (2015-07-23)N/A
Vic is behaving very strangely after his accident, and James is desperate to track down the Risen. They discover a boundary around the town, and Paddy has a revelation about his identity.
44"There is no Justice"30 July 2015 (2015-07-30)N/A
Kirstie gets restless and sets off to find some answers for herself. Meanwhile, Vic convinces Maria to take him to the Risen, and James and Kate spend the night together.
55"The Impossible Triangle"6 August 2015 (2015-08-06)332,000[7]
Sarah, James, and Kate try to navigate their complex love triangle. Charlie uncovers some confusing things about his past, while Vic tracks down Elishia and John.
66"There Must be Rules"13 August 2015 (2015-08-13)383,000[8]
After learning about Maria's murder, the group struggles with what to do about the injured Vic. James convinces Elishia to operate. Meanwhile, Sarah goes into labour, and Vic persuades John to help him with his mission, endangering everyone.


Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Outcome
2016 AACTA Awards Best Television Drama Glitch Won
Best Supporting Actress Hannah Monson Nominated
Best Original Score in Television Cornel Wilczek, Episode 4 Won
2016 TV Week Logies Most Outstanding Supporting Actress Emily Barclay Nominated
Most Outstanding Drama Series Glitch Won
2016 Australian Director's Guild Awards Best Direction in a Television Drama Series Emma Freeman Won

Glitch screened at Roma Fiction Fest in 2015.


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