What Happened to Monday?

What Happened to Monday?
Directed by Tommy Wirkola
Produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis
Philippe Rousselot
Fabrice Gianfermi
Written by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson
Starring Willem Dafoe
Glenn Close
Noomi Rapace
Distributed by Netflix (i.a. US)[1]
Language English

What Happened to Monday? is an upcoming American science fiction thriller film directed by Tommy Wirkola and starring Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close, and Noomi Rapace.[2] Netflix bought the streaming rights to the film for the United States and other markets.[1]


Set in a not so distant future burdened by overpopulation, with a global one child per family policy, seven identical sisters (portrayed by Noomi Rapace) live a cat-and-mouse existence pretending to be a single person to elude the Child Allocation Bureau.



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