Marseille (TV series)

Genre Political drama
Created by Dan Franck
Composer(s) Alexandre Desplat[1]
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Producer(s) Pascal Breton
Location(s) Marseille
Distributor Federation Entertainment
Original release 5 May 2016
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Marseille is a French television series created by Dan Franck starring Gérard Depardieu. The series is the first French original production for Netflix, which ordered the project to series on 10 July 2015. The eight-episode first season premiered worldwide on Netflix on 5 May 2016.[2][3] A second season, set to air in 2017, was ordered on June 6, 2016.[4]


The show was released worldwide on Netflix in May 2016, and the first two episodes have aired on TF1.[5]


After 20 years as mayor of Marseille, Robert Taro (Depardieu) enters into a war of succession with his former protégé turned rival Lucas Barres (Benoît Magimel).[6][7] Both men are members of the "UPM" party, based on the centre-right UMP (Union for a Popular Movement).


Series 1

# Title Directed by Written by
1"20 Ans (20 Years)"TBATBA
There is to be an important vote on a regeneration project of the city's waterfront, which will include a casino. Mayor Robert Taro supports the proposal as it will be his legacy to Marseille; he is counting on the support of Lucas Barrès, his ambitious young deputy, who eventually votes to oppose the proposal. A retired judge, who was also going to support the proposal, is approached and assassinated by gangsters. Taro's daughter Julia, a journalist, is trying to investigate life in the banlieues.
2"Homme de Paille (Straw Man)"TBATBA
Taro is unsure about whether to stand for re-election due to his ill health and declining popularity with voters. His wife, Rachel, learns that she has syringomyelia which will bring an end to her career as a successful classical cellist.
4"(Intox Brainwashing)"TBATBA
6"(Liberty, Equality, without Pity)"TBATBA
8"(The Final Battle)"TBATBA

Cast and English dubbing

Main characters

Actor Character Voice actor
Gérard Depardieu Robert Taro Michael McConnohie
Benoît Magimel Lucas Barrès Kyle McCarley
Géraldine Pailhas Rachel Taro Anne Yatco
Stéphane Caillard Julia Taro Cristina Valenzuela
Nadia Fares Vanessa d'Abrantes Karen Strassman

Side characters

Actor Character Voice actor
Guillaume Arnault Eric Johnny Yong Bosch
Hedi Bouchenafa Farid Kirk Thornton
Nassim Si Ahmed Selim Tony Azzolino
Jean-René Privat Cosini Keith Silverstein
Pascal Elso Pierre Chasseron Dave Mallow
Carolina Jurczak Barbara Cherami Leigh
Eric Savin Pharamond Steve Kramer
Hippolyte Girardot Dr. Osmont Joe Ochman
Lionel Erdogan Alain Costabone Steve Staley

Critical reception

In France, the series received a mostly negative reaction from the press. Pierre Sérisier, writing for Le Monde, called it an "industrial accident".[8] Télérama gave the series a "red card",[9] while Alain Carrazé on Europe 1 referred to it as something from "the 90s" with "cartoonish and ridiculous dialogue".[10]

However, reception outside France was more positive.[11]


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