Most Hated Woman in America

Most Hated Woman in America
Directed by Tommy O'Haver
Produced by Max Handelman
Elizabeth Banks
Laura Rister
Written by Tommy O'Haver
Irene Turner
Starring Melissa Leo
Peter Fonda
Sally Kirkland
Rory Cochrane
Josh Lucas
Adam Scott
Juno Temple
Vincent Kartheiser
Brownstone Productions
Distributed by Netflix
Country United States
Language English

Most Hated Woman in America is an upcoming American biopic film directed by Tommy O'Haver and written by O'Haver and Irene Turner. It stars Melissa Leo as Madalyn Murray O'Hair. The film will be released by Netflix.


The story of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, an atheist activist whose efforts led to a Supreme Court ruling banning official Bible readings in public schools.



On July 8, 2015, it was reported that Netflix would finance and release The Most Hated Woman in America, a film based on the life of Madalyn Murray O'Hair. It would be directed by Tommy O'Haver from his own script and star Melissa Leo as O'Hair.[1] In March 2016, Peter Fonda,[2] Sally Kirkland,[3] Rory Cochrane,[4] Josh Lucas, Adam Scott, Juno Temple, Vincent Kartheiser, Anna Camp, Michael Chernus, and Alex Frost[5] joined the cast.

On March 24, 2016, it was reported that Most Hated Woman in America had begun filming in the previous week.[5]


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