Penge og Privatøkonomi

Penge og Privatøkonomi
Editor-in-chief Søren Nielsen
Categories Business magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 21,079 (2012)
Publisher Benjamin Media
Year founded 1977 (1977)
Company Bonnier Group
Country Denmark
Based in Copenhagen
Language Danish
Website Penge og Privatøkonomi

Penge og Privatøkonomi (meaning Money and Personal Finance in English) is a Danish language monthly business and finance magazine published in Copenhagen, Denmark.

History and profile

Penge og Privatøkonomi was established in 1977.[1][2] The magazine was started and published by the House of Børsen eleven times per year.[1][3]

The magazine is part of the Bonnier Group and is published on a monthly basis[4] by Benjamin Media A/S, a subsidiary of the Bonnier Publications.[5][6]

Penge og Privatøkonomi has its headquarters in Copengahen.[6] The magazine features articles on stocks, companies and investments.[5] It offers extensive information on personal investment to guide its readers.[2][7]

Søren Verup served as the editor-in-chief of Penge og Privatøkonomi.[5] Søren Nielsen is the editor-in-chief.[7] In August 2011 the logo and format of the magazine was changed.[5]


The circulation of Penge og Privatøkonomi was nearly 28,000 copies in 1997.[3] It was 27,818 copies in 2010 and 26,915 copies in 2011.[8] It was 21,008 in the first half of 2012[9] and 21,079 copies in 2012.[8]

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