Allt om Historia

Allt om Historia
Categories History magazine
Frequency 14 times a year
Publisher Bonnier Publications
Year founded 2005
Company Bonnier Group
Country Sweden
Based in Malmö
Language Swedish
Website Allt om Historia
ISSN 1653-3224
OCLC number 185155075

Allt om Historia is a Swedish language history magazine based in Malmö, Sweden.

History and profile

Allt om Historia was established in 2005.[1] Based in Malmö, the magazine covers articles and book reviews about historical events.[1] It was based in Lund and was part of Historiska media[2] until 1 June 2016 it was acquired by the Bonnier Group.[3] It is published by the Bonnier Publications fourteen times a year.[4]

The circulation of Allt om Historia was 26,700 copies in 2014.[5]


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