Helsingborgs Dagblad

Helsingborgs Dagblad

Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD), published in Helsingborg in Skåne is the largest (circ. 84.000) newspaper in Swedish outside Malmö-, Göteborg- and Stockholm-district.

History and profile

The newspaper was founded with the name of Helsingborgs Tidning in 1867. It began to use its current name, Helsingborgs Dagblad, in 1884.[1] During its initial period it was a moderate publication.[1] The paper has its headquarters in Helsingborg.[1]

In January 2001, the newspaper merged with Nordvästra Skånes Tidningar[2] and is today published in three different local editions with separate names. In 2006, the paper changed its format from traditional broadsheet to tabloid following a general trend among daily newspapers.

HD was named in 2012 as Sweden's best newspaper.

On 23 April 2014, Sydsvenskan acknowledged that they wanted to buy HD. A strong reason was reported to be that both newspapers had seen their ad revenue decrease heavily.[3] They reached a deal in the end of May and the Swedish Competition Authority approved it around two weeks after.[4] While Sydsvenskan has a soft paywall, it is not yet decided if HD will also have one.[5]


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