Mama (magazine)

Categories Women's magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 39,600 (2014)
Publisher Bonnier Tidskrifter
Year founded 2003 (2003)
Company Bonnier
Country Sweden
Based in Stockholm
Language Swedish
Website Mama

Mama is a monthly women's magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden. Its readers are mostly mothers.

History and profile

Mama was established in 2003.[1] The magazine is part of Bonnier group and is published by Bonnier Tidskrifter AB 13 times a year.[2] The headquarters of the magazine is in Stockholm.[3] It targets mothers and offers articles on fashion, food, travel and interior design.[3] In addition, the magazine publishes the findings of several surveys concerning the lives of mothers in Sweden.[4]

In 2013 the circulation of Mama was 45,600 copies.[2] Its circulation in 2014 was 39,600 copies.[1]


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