Oswald (TV series)

Created by Dan Yaccarino
Developed by Lisa Eve Hubman
Dan Yaccarino
Directed by Fredrick Stroppell
Debra Bronzon
Henry Lenardin-Madden
Starring Fred Savage
Debi Derryberry
David Lander
Crystal Scales
Laraine Newman
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1[1][2][3]
No. of episodes 26[3] (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Dan Yaccarino
Producer(s) HIT Entertainment
Running time 22–24 minutes
Original network Nick Jr.
Original release August 20, 2001 (2001-08-20) – September 19, 2003 (2003-09-19)

Oswald is an American children's animated television series originally airing on Nickelodeon as part of the Nick Jr. block. It first aired on August 20, 2001 in the United States.[3] The show was created by Dan Yaccarino and co-produced by HIT Entertainment. It was also broadcast on Noggin and CBS (during the Nick Jr. on CBS programming block) in reruns.


The series is set in Big City, a colorful world populated by a cast of anthropomorphic animals, mythological creatures, and humanoid beings. Each episode follows the daily experiences of an anthropomorphic blue octopus named Oswald (voiced by Fred Savage), accompanied by his beloved pet hot dog Weenie, and their life in the cheerful and whimsically-designed community of Big City. Commonly, the program concentrates on Oswald's experiences with friends, acquaintances, and neighbors—including Henry, a talking penguin and Daisy, an anthropomorphic flower, among others—and his patient methods of coping with or tolerating different situations and dilemmas, along with his thoroughly optimistic outlook on life.


Main characters

Title character Oswald

Recurring characters

Minor characters

Broadcast history

Oswald first aired on the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon in the United States on August 20, 2001[3] and was removed from the lineup in 2005. On April 7, 2003, Oswald started airing on Noggin and continued to air after September 28, 2009 when it was renamed as Nick Jr.. Oswald was removed from the Nick Jr. lineup on February 29, 2012.

In the UK, the show was aired on the Tiny Living strand on Living TV (now Sky Living) and on Five (now Channel 5), with UK voices instead of the US voices. Sammy Starfish has his regular US voice instead of dubbing him with a UK voice actor.

In Australia, the show has aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In Canada, the show has been aired on Treehouse TV.

In South East Asia and New Zealand it is aired on Nick Jr..

In Japan, a Japanese dubbed version of the show has aired on WOWOW.

In India the show was aired on Cartoon Network's Tiny-TV block before airing on Pogo.

In Pakistan, the show aired in morning block of Cartoon Network.

In the Arab World, Oswald currently airs on JimJam from 1 December to 30 April each year.


Oswald aired its first episode ("Chasing The Ice-Cream / Camping Trip") on August 20, 2001. Its first and only season ended on September 19, 2003, with the episode pair "Hide & Seek / Weenie Takes a Bath."[3]

Additional guest voices


The show generally received positive reviews, with a 7.0 rating from TV.com,[4] a 7.7 rating from IMDb,[5] and a four out of five stars on Common Sense Media.[6]


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