Olivia (TV series)

Genre Children, Animated
Created by Ian Falconer
Written by Jill Gorey
Starring Emily Gray
Jeremy Herzig
Danny Katiana
Michael Van Citters
Ian Eagle
Brianna McCracken
Yvonne Craig
Robert Toonititusa
Opening theme "Olivia!" Composed by Darren Hendley
Country of origin United States
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 36 (list of episodes)
Running time 15–30 minutes
Original network Milkshake! (United Kingdom)
Disney Junior (United States)
PBS Kids (Latin America)
Treehouse TV (Canada)
DreamWorks Channel
Original release January 24, 2009 – March 19, 2011

Olivia (also known as Welcome to the World of the Pig Olivia) was a British-American children's animated television series produced by media company Chorion and based on Ian Falconer's books. It was seen on Nick Jr. in the US, Milkshake!, Nick Jr. in the UK and Ireland, Disney Junior in Latin America and Brazil, and Treehouse TV in Canada. The show has won a silver Parents' Choice Award for its positive story lines and characters.[1]


Taking place in a world where all people are pigs, Olivia revolves around the title character and her family. The plots are mostly everyday situations in which Olivia finds herself and her unique way of dealing with them. In almost every episode from season 1, Olivia also dispenses her "Rules of Life". In each episode, Olivia dreams of having a job from the episode's experiences, such as being an artist after visiting the art gallery or being her mom's assistant after helping plan her friend's birthday party.


Over two seasons, there have been 40 episodes of Olivia.


Olivia (voiced by Emily Gray (USA) & Jo Wyatt (UK)),[2] a young pig, is the main character of the show. She is imaginative and fantasizes about different roles, such as pop star or super hero. She displays good behavior and shows kids how to share, use their imaginations, be physically active, and be self-confident.[3]

Olivia's family

Ian (voiced by Michael van Citters)[2] is Olivia's younger brother. He looks up to Olivia and enjoys being included in her activities, but often becomes the typical annoying "little bother". He likes, among other things, dinosaurs, robots and baseball. In Season 2, he becomes less annoying, is more intelligent, on better terms with his sister, has a small planet on his t-shirt and a deeper voice.[4]

William (voiced by Robert Toonitititusa) is Olivia and Ian's baby brother and typically sleeps, eats, and cries.[4]

Mom, Olivia's mother (voiced by Joyce Beverley),[2] who runs her own party-planning business from home.[4]

Dad, Olivia's father (voiced by Danny Katiana)[2] is an architect and occasionally absent-minded. He often provides his paternal wisdom to Olivia and her siblings in "little talks".[4]

Grandma, Olivia's grandmother (voiced by Yvonne Craig).[2] In her seventies, but still fun and adventurous.[4]

Uncle Garrett (voiced by Connor Hall), Olivia's maternal uncle, is a professional football player and is bit of a comedian. He performs ballet with Olivia and only appears in "Olivia Takes Ballet".

Grandpa Cedric, Olivia's unseen grandfather that is only mentioned in the episode, "Olivia's Day at the Office".

Perry and Edwin, Olivia's dog and cat. Perry is energetic and loves to play with the children, while Edwin is generally lethargic and prefers to sleep.[4]

Goldfish, a goldfish whose owner is Ian. It is rarely seen.

Cedric, a one-time frog that Ian found and named after his Grandpa.


Julian (voiced by Jeremy Herzig)[2] is Olivia's male best friend. He's smart with a self-deprecating sense of humor, but shy and lets Olivia take the lead. While often reluctant to go along with Olivia's ideas, he finally always does.[4]

Francine (voiced by Brianna McCracken (Season 1) and Josie Baker (Season 2) is Olivia's friend who can be snobby and mean she tries to make Olivia feel jealous at times. She acts more "girly" than Olivia and will not touch anything gross. Her birthday is eight months after Olivia's. In the second season, Francine gets better and nicer to Olivia and her classmates.

Gwendolyn is Francine's yellowish orange tabby. She is very talented and likes Edwin. In one episode Francine reveals that she sometimes dresses her in Barbie Fashions to have a tea party and makes Gwendolyn fish sticks.

Herman is Francine's dog, only seen in "Olivia Trains Her Cat". He can ride a skateboard and also knows tricks like Gwendolyn.


Mrs. Hoggenmueller (voiced by Susan Balboni), Olivia's teacher, is a dedicated educator, if a bit eccentric. She is an avid cat fancier and cowbell-playing virtuoso, with a penchant for the outdoors and a great enthusiasm for learning and life. She has 3 pets: 2 cats and 1 turkey.

Alexandra (voiced by Zarii Arii) is Olivia's classmate and female best friend. She often agrees only with Francine.

Sam (voiced by John Mumelo), a classmate. He rarely talks. He has a pet opossum named Sally.

Harold Hockenberri (voiced by Dayton Malone), a classmate. Harold is allergic to parsley, wears glasses, and his mom does not like frogs. He can juggle but hiccups when nervous. He has a parrot that says things such as "Hi there," three times.

Oscar and Otto, identical twin classmates whose recurring catchphrase is, "It's cool."

Daisy (voiced by Katie Leigh), a small classmate who wears a purple dress. In the second season, she replaces Francine as the mean kid to Olivia.

Connor (voiced by Alicyn Packard), a classmate similar to Sam but talks more.

Olivia 2 (voiced by Mary Smith), a character that appears in "The Two Olivias". Olivia was a new student in Olivia's class, much to the original Olivia's annoyance. They reconcile having the same name at the end of the episode. Olivia 2 was never seen in the episodes after it, presuming that her family moved out after a short time.

Sophie, a girl who wears a yellow shirt and thin light purple overhalls. In the first season, she had no name, but in "Olivia's Tip-Top Tapper", the girl's name was revealed as Sophie. She is mostly silent like Sam.

Caitlin who wears a blue and white polka-dot shirt. She is rarely spoken like Sam and Sophie.


The shorts are small, generally wordless segments in each episode (two per). They include the following:

William Eats (And Burps)

Olivia in the Bathroom

Olivia and Her Toy

Olivia Scares Ian

Olivia Builds a Tower

Olivia Cheers Up William

Olivia's Bookbag

William Goes for a Ride

Ian Wants to Play

Olivia's Hidden Talent

Olivia Slides

Perry Plays Fetch

Olivia's Trivia

Olivia's Many Sandwiches

Olivia's Picture

Edwin's Surprise

Olivia's Metamorphosis

Olivia's Sculpture

The Chase

Olivia's Magic Trick

Olivia's Inflated Pirate Ship

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