Dance Revolution

This article is about the television series. For the album based on the series recorded by the Slumber Party Girls, see Dance Revolution (album). For the video game on which the series was based, see Dance Dance Revolution.

Dance Revolution is a television series from CBS and DIC Entertainment, in association with Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc, produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment and CBS Television) (Sean McNamara & David Brookwell), and based on the video game series Dance Dance Revolution.

Originally known as Dance, Dance, Dance!, the series premiered on September 16, 2006 as part of KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS. The entire series had a focus on promoting fitness and nutrition to children. The series, however, was not renewed after its first season. Its last broadcast was on September 8, 2007.

Dance Revolution was taped at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California.


Dance Revolution was hosted by DJ Rick (a.k.a. Rick Adams) and the Slumber Party Girls (Caroline Scott, Cassie Scerbo, Karla Deras, Lina Carattini and Mallory Low.)

Every half-hour episode starts with music from the house band, the Slumber Party Girls. Then DJ Rick introduces the "Dance Crews" (the teams of contestants) and the judges. The Dance Crews start to perform their own dance routines. When they are finished, choreographer Leah Lynette comes to teach the Dance Crews some new styles of dancing. Finally, the Dance Crews have a dance off. The judges declare who the winning Dance Crew is and the winners gets to move on to the next round. Although Dance Revolution was inspired by the video game series Dance Dance Revolution, there is nothing similar between the two except for the name.

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