The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Show
Genre Comedy
Created by David Collins, Shane Dundas, Belinda Ward
Written by Billy Aronson, Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss, Joey Mazzarino, Luis Santeiro, P. Kevin Strader, Belinda Ward, John Weidman
Directed by Peter Cudlipp, Julie Money
Starring David Collins, Shane Dundas, Amanda Bishop
Voices of Mat McCoy, Adam Smillie
Narrated by Adam Smillie
Opening theme Down Upside Theme
Ending theme Down Upside Good Bye
Composer(s) David Chapman
Country of origin Australia
United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Michael Bourchier, Kurt Mueller
Producer(s) Wendy Gray
Location(s) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Cinematography Ian Jones
Editor(s) Simon Martin
Camera setup both Single-camera and Multi-camera
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Blink Films
Sesame Workshop
Noggin LLC
Distributor MTV Networks
Sesame Workshop Co.
Original network Noggin
Original release October 16, 2006 (2006-10-16) – February 2, 2007 (2007-02-02)

The Upside Down Show is an Australian children's TV show originally airing on Noggin, Nick Jr. Australia and the ABC. The series was the recipient of a 2007 Logie Award.[1] On the show, Shane Dundas and David Collins (The Umbilical Brothers - Maisy) play brothers who live together in a strange house with a variety of unusual rooms. The show premiered on Nick Jr. Australia in 2006 and on Noggin in 2006.

In 2006, in a New York Post interview,[2] Shane Dundas expressed doubts about the return of the show for a second season.

In 2007, the Umbilical Brothers announced on their website that Viacom was not interested in a second season of The Upside Down Show, despite its success. In 2007, the show won the Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Award for Main Title Design[3] and a Parents' Choice Award Silver Honor for Television.[4]


Episode structure

Before Title Sequence:

Each episode begins with a cold opening showing one or both brothers in the middle of some activity, typically involving something imaginary. After greeting the audience, David introduces "The Remote" by pretending to be holding a remote control. He explains that The Remote can control the action on-screen. He demonstrates by pressing various buttons, which control Shane's actions. For example, "Fast Forward" causes Shane to move and speak fast, "Pause" causes him to freeze, "Rewind", which causes anyone to move and speak backwards, "Mute", which causes Shane to speak without any sound. In many episodes, David discovers a previously unknown "Wild-card Button," such as "Humongous" (and its opposite, the "Minute" button). This button causes some strange and/or undesired effect. He presses unknown buttons on the remote after saying "Hmm" or "Ooh, I wonder what this button does." David then offers The Remote to the viewer and "hands it over" by reaching off-screen downward. The brothers direct the viewer to "press the Play button." At this point, a strange and/or undesired effect happens ("Uh-oh, I think someone pressed the _____ button"). The brothers encourage the viewer to fix the situation by pressing a button for opposite effect. When they ask the viewer to "press play" a second time, Shane says "But whatever you do, don't press the -" but he is almost finished when the joke is repeated, and the viewer must again press the button for the opposite effect. Finally, Shane and David ask the viewer to "Just press Play" a third time, and the opening credits begin.

Title Sequence:

The Action Fingers enter the frame and perch on the title, which is flipped upside down. Pointy reads the title as "Down Upside" due to its position. Realizing the mistake, they help turn the words "Upside Down" the right way up, and read the title correctly. They then walk along atop the credits until they reach a door. The credits list the stars as David Collins and Shane Dundas, and state that the show was created by Belinda Ward, Shane Dundas, and David Collins.

Plot Structure:

The central objective of every episode is for Shane and David to get to a certain location. However, they do not know how to get there. They spend the episode adventuring through the various red doors in their apartment, as well as searching other places (e.g., under a table, behind a bookcase, inside and behind their sofa and closet). The brothers occasionally request help from the viewers, asking them to press buttons on their remote. Their journey takes them to 3 "Wrong Turn" rooms. In at least one of the rooms, they encounter a child who teaches them something and sets them on the correct path. Eventually they locate their destination and experience something, such as a picnic, farm, or an airport, "for the very first time".


The show ends with the brothers back in their apartment. During the last few minutes of the show, they give the viewer an imaginary souvenir to thank them for their help throughout the episode. Then, they say goodbye. As the credits begin, Shane and David begin to do things (e.g. in Farm, they play as a rockband with David yelling out as (Executive Producer Kurt Russel) begins, "One, two, three, four!" and in Picnic, Shane and David are fighting over the string until at the point (Executive In Charge of Sesame Workshop Jodi Nussbaum) credit appears, Shane and David wave left and right their bodies until at the end of the credits, and in Art Museum, Puppet accidentally surprises Shane and David, until at the point where the (Executive In Charge of Sesame Workshop Jodi Nubbasum) credit appears, Shane and David laugh until they pause, and Puppet now freely says, "Whoops, I think somebody just pressed the Pause button." Then the episode ends with the Sesame Workshop logo.)

Running gags

There are a few running gags in the show. The main one is the "Upside-Down" button. When this button is pressed (and it is in every episode but one), the viewpoint shifts, with a silly sound effect, to an upside-down shot of whomever is in the scene. The actors' and puppets' hands are held up in the air to make it look as if they are hanging upside down. One of the boys begs the viewer to press the "Right Side Up" button, at which point the viewpoint rights itself. Another sequence seen in each episode is the use of the "Instant Replay" button. The brothers ask the viewer to press this button to see a child do something again. During the slow motion replay, Shane and David play the role of commentators, narrating the action and assessing the child's technique. A more subtle running gag is the fake pineapple that appears in at least three episodes. Another is the "Mute button". Once this button is pressed, Shane speaks without a sound until David presses "Unmute", which reverses the effects of the "Mute button" and is only seen in the episode "Airport". Next is the "Rotate" button in the episode "Pet Shop". When David or the viewers press this special button, the viewpoint shifts 360 degress. The next button is the "Horizontal button", in which whomever is at the scene is put in the sideways position and one of the boys ask the viewer to press the "Vertical button", which puts the actors in the upright position and is only seen in the episode "Camping". This next one is the "Up button", which makes the actors go up and they beg for the viewers to press the "Down button" to put them down and is only seen in the episode "Barbershop". Next is the "Stumble button" from the 1st episode "Movie Theater". If David or the viewers press this ridiculus button, they look like they stumbled and tripped. Up next is the "Inside button". If the viewers press this hilarious button, the boys will disappear and then reappear inside a cup and Puppet and the boy's picnic supplies inside the basket. At that moment, the boys beg for the viewers to press the "Outside button" for the boys to get out of the cup and their picnic basket. Next up, the "Sandwich button". In the episode "Picnic", when Shane and David are in the "Sandwich Room", Shane asks the viewers to press the "Sandwich Button" and once that happens, sandwiches appear. Also, fly-sized sandwiches for Fido because they were having their first picnic and Fido is sad because he hasn't been on a picnic before.

Episode guide

Episode # Title Original Air-Date Production Code
1"Movie Theatre"16 October 2006 (2006-10-16)811

  • Story: Shane and David make a film (directed by Puppet), then search for the movie theater to watch it.
  • Wrong Turns: Laundry room, dance studio, and a room with one small chair which the brothers break in an attempt to share it.
  • Opening activity: Polishing a snooglenook.
  • Main Buttons: Light/Dark, Stumble, Fast Folding
  • Instant Replay: To show the Mrs. Foil that the Action Fingers messed up her laundry instead of Shane and David (In this mode [in slow motion], David [Pointy] didn't say "I'm gonna crash") and to see the little girl do her dance routine again.
  • Vocabulary: Stupendous (really really really great)
  • Puppet: Puppet directs the brothers while filming their movie, shouting "Action" and "Cut." His instructions include having them act as if they are in outer space, as pirates, and as cowboys.
  • Schmuzzies: The Schmuzzies play a rhyming game with the boys, and appear at the end watching Shane and David's movie.
  • Action Fingers: In the laundry room they rescue Barbara, a sock caught in a lint trap, and return her to her socky partner, Lefty (Barbara and Lefty appeared at the end to see Shane and David's movie). They also refold a Mrs. Foil's laundry after crashing into it. This segment is unusual in that the Action Fingers are clearly shown to be David and Shane's hands. In most other Action Fingers segments, David and Shane simply watch the Action Fingers take off, often not standing anywhere near the action.
  • Souvenir: Camera
  • In this episode, Shane did not say "Whatever you do don't press the _____ button."
  • When the Brothers rewind out of the dance studio, they hide a real reversed message, "Press rewind".


2"Barbershop"17 October 2006 (2006-10-17)812

  • Story: After visiting the "Very Hairy" room, Shane is apprehensive about getting a haircut. David and his blanket, Bob, help Shane get to the barbershop.
  • Wrong Turns: Very Very Hairy Room, hairbrush room, concert room (aka, the international not the barbershop sign)
  • Opening activity: Experimenting with the remote.
  • Main Buttons: Up/Down, Tongue in/Tongue out, Dancing/Stop dancing (These are the opening buttons), Ditty, blow dry
  • Vocabulary: Apprehensive (nervous), Ditty (very short simple song), stalling (attempting to avoid something)
  • Puppet: Puppet pretends to be scissors and sings the Figaro Song. Later, Puppet appears covered in stickers after getting a haircut of his own.
  • Schmuzzies: David asks a group of Schmuzzies if they've seen Shane, which they haven't. They sing into fluffy backup hairbrushes at the concert. They move into Shane's long, bedraggled hair thinking it is the Very Very Hairy Room.
  • Instant Replay: Replaying the episode's child co-star, Jade Barbar, brushing her hair
  • Mrs. Foil Funny Expression: Shane mentions vacuuming her.
  • Souvenir: Stickers

There is a girl featured in all three wrong turn rooms, as well as in the barbershop itself. Her name, as shown in the closing credits, is Jade Barbar. Fido didn't appear in this episode, but was mentioned by Shane. There is also no joking button.  

3"Art Museum"18 October 2006 (2006-10-18)813

  • Story: Unable to find a place to hang his newly created masterpiece, Shane, along with David, searches for the art museum to hang it in.
  • Wrong Turns: Sticky room, fog room, museum of finger painting
  • Opening activity: Eating a banana.
  • Main Buttons: Humongous/Minute, Jiggle, Wiggle, smaller, bigger (These buttons are on before title sequence), unstick, fog light, high voice.
  • Vocabulary: Humongous (really, really big)/minute (really, really small) (seen in the intro), moat (a big hole that's filled with water)
  • Action Fingers: They fingerpaint.
  • Instant Replay: To see the boy mix red, blue, and gold finger paint to make a color called "gurple."
  • Fido the Fly: Fido lands on Shane's hand, compliments his painting, then pulls open the shelf containing the Museum of Finger Painting. Other pets mentioned: Bruno the Elephant and a Porcupine.
  • Schmuzzies: They are part of the tour group at the art museum. When Shane despairs over not being able to hang his picture, he makes a reference to the Schmuzzy Art Museum, though it never appears in the episode.
  • Puppet: When Shane and David try to hang the picture on a door, they keep getting interrupted by Puppet opening the door and saying, "Ta-da!" He is practicing making grand entrances. At the end, after Shane and David have given the viewer imaginary paints from a box, Puppet pops out of the box and says, "Ta-da!". Puppet says he has been using Burmese-Kumquat-Lavender paint to dye his hair. Shane and David laugh until Puppet realizes the viewers have pressed the Pause button by mistake.
  • Mrs. Foil Funny Expression: "See you later, Alligators."
  • Souvenir: Paint set with Sky Blue, Ruby Red, Lime, Turquoise and Lavender paints.

That is Fido the Fly's first episode.  

4"Pet Shop"19 October 2006 (2006-10-19)814

  • Story: Yearning for a relationship like the one between Fido and Shane, David decides he needs a pet. They look for the pet shop.
  • Wrong Turns: Puppy room, parrot room, Dark side of the Moon
  • Opening activity: Juggling.
  • Puppet: Puppet volunteers to be David's pet, imitating a dog, a cat, and a giant squid. David says he thinks of him more as a friend. Later, Puppet makes some suggestions on what type of pet David should get. Puppet appears on the moon and sings "The Dark Side of the Moon" with Shane and David.
  • Main Buttons: Rotate, Ditty, really excited
  • Instant Replay: To see the dog rotate (roll over).
  • Fido the Fly: Shane and Fido play ping-pong tennis at the beginning of the episode. Later, Fido spends a short moment with Shane, demonstrating tricks. After returning from the moon, he plays loud music while playing the trumpet, the brothers ask Fido if he knows where the pet shop is, which he doesn't. At the end, he plays "Fly on a Chair" with Spot, David's new pet chair.
  • Mrs. Foil Funny Expression: When holding her cat, she says, "His name is Elizabeth," instead of, "Her name is Elizabeth."
  • Schmuzzies: They sing backup for David when the Ditty button is pressed. They then make some suggestions on what pet David should get. They also get amazed by a bright light which turns out to be the Moon after the door opens. Shane doesn't appear to be apprehensive of them.
  • Souvenir: Chair
  • Spot the Blue Chair: Tutorial on what to do with a pet chair.

Spot with Fido on chair with David. There is also no vocabulary.  

5"Camping"20 October 2006 (2006-10-20)815

  • Story: After their bedrooms disappear, the boys search for another place to sleep. Whenever the boys think they've found a resting place, it ends up being contrary to their expectations. For example, even though the "Wake up!" room has two beds seemingly meant for sleeping, the room becomes paradoxical when various things begin waking Shane and David up; a rooster begins crowing, various digital and analog alarm clocks begin sounding at the foot of the beds, and a man plays the Reveille military bugle call on a trumpet.
  • Wrong Turns: Snoring room, "Wake up!" room, Shape room
  • Opening activity: Stand or sit.
  • Main Buttons: Horizontal/Vertical, yawn, get out of here, Wake up!, sneeze, horizontal dance (The opening before title sequence on these buttons)
  • Instant Replay: To see the girl on the wheelchair count the number of sides on the shape called Hexagon.
  • Shane's Funny Expression: When David said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he [Shane] answered, "Albanian Chicken Juice?"
  • Vocabulary: Horizontal (sideways), Vertical (upright), Hexagon (6-sided polygon)
  • Fido the Fly: Fido is seen/mentioned three times. First, David opens the door to Fido's room and the door slams. Second, Fido's watch alarm is on. Third, Fido is zipped into an imaginary sleeping bag.
  • Puppet: Twice, Puppet needs the brothers to sing him a lullaby so he can sleep and gets an imaginary sleeping bag the next morning.
  • Action Fingers: First, getting behind the door, Action Fingers walk up stairs, open the door, and fall asleep. Second, Action fingers are jumping off stairs, wrong yellow and green lemons, flying toy airplane. Third, walking on a shoulder and cheek, waking Shane and David up.
  • Schmuzzies: The Schmuzzies sing back-up during Puppet's lullaby. Shane isn't nervous around them.
  • Souvenir: Sleeping bag

Shane and David do not say, "But whatever you do, don't hit the ______ button." There is no joking button.  

6"Picnic"6 November 2006 (2006-11-06)816

  • Story: Puppet, Shane and David take Fido the Fly on his first-ever picnic.
  • Good Choice Food Room: Sandwich Room
  • Wrong Turns: no-room room, wind room
  • Opening activity: Drinking tea.
  • Instant Replay: The boy puts turkey, tomato, and lettuce on another sandwich.
  • Vocabulary: Scrumptious (yummy, delicious)
  • Main Buttons: Inside/Outside, Sandwich, Ditty, Hands up/Hands down, Down the Hatch (Shane drinks tea cup in opening only)
  • Puppet: Delivery Puppet brings things the boys need for their picnic, while disguising his voice. He then joins the boys. Puppet acts as the ball for their picnic games.
  • Fido the Fly: Fido feels sad because he's the only fly who's never been on a picnic, he's the main character in the episode. He comes along to the No-Room Room and the Wind Room. Fido's fly buddies come for the picnic. He eats tiny sandwiches at the picnic.
  • Schmuzzies: They dance beside Puppet, singing "Happy Fly Ditty." Shane doesn't appear to be apprehensive of them.
  • Souvenir: Kite

In the Wind Room are the Elephant from the no-room room, Fish from the underwater room, Puppet, Spot the Chair, Mrs. Foil, and Umbrella.  

7"Airport"7 November 2006 (2006-11-07)817

  • Story: Shane and David volunteer to pick up Puppet's cousin, Mary Annette (a pun on marionette), at the airport, but have to find it first.
  • Wrong Turns: Bird room, paper airplane room, word room
  • Opening activity: Making a smoothie.
  • Main Buttons: Vibration/Stop the Vibration, Mute/Unmute (intro version), think hard, Helicopter (Shane in the bird room), fast-folding, parachute (the button used in the Paper Airplane room), landing, jump out of the book (Shane uses in the Word room), climb the wall, head home (see on the end),
  • Instant Replay: Action Fingers ask to see a girl use sign language to sign the word "plane" again.
  • Shane's Funny Expression: When David said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he [Shane] said, "Yeah, are you thinking what we're thinking, dancing tonight, you, me, Dave, and ten thousand monkeys?"
  • Mrs. Foil Funny Expression: "Jumbo jets, donkeys, and tigers."
  • Action Fingers: Two instances. First, Action Fingers crash-land on a paper airplane, search for Mary Annette inside, then refold it for its owner, Mrs. Foil. Second, they help to translate for a girl using sign language in the Word Room.
  • Puppet: Puppet practices "The Traditional Puppet Family Welcome Song."
  • Schmuzzies: They first relay the message that Mary Annette is at the airport and needs to be picked up right away. (Though Shane thinks they are telling him he has made an unfortunate choice of legwarmers and that Mary Annette is in Northern Lithuania.) Later, they attempt to sing backup for Puppet, but start out being too far in front, and then too far in the back of the puppet stage.
  • Souvenir: Binoculars

This is the only episode that doesn't include the Rewind/Fast Forward, Upside Down/Right Side Up buttons. There is no vocabulary. Fido The Fly and The Voice are absent. No doors, no windows and no drawers.  

8"Beach"8 November 2006 (2006-11-08)818

  • Story: After losing the beach ball they were playing with, Shane and David search for the beach to find it.
  • Wrong Turns: Underwater room, desert room, South Pole
  • Opening activity: Horse-back riding.
  • Main Buttons: Upside Down/Right Side Up, Follow the Leader, Ice Skating (Shane and David in the Antarctica), Go home (seen from the end), Bucking broncos, Photo Finish, Get off your high horse (seen from the intro)
  • Instant Replay: Watch the boy put on a jacket.
  • Vocabulary: Perplexed (confused)
  • Fido the Fly: Fido spies the beach ball on the hedge and tries to tell the boys but they don't turn in time to see it. Fido then flies away.
  • Action Fingers: They rebuild Mrs. Foil's sand castle after David and Shane destroy it.
  • Schmuzzies: They see the beach ball rolling along the hedge outside the window, but David and Shane do not turn around in time. They yell, "Schmeach schmall!". Shane thinks that means his teeth are exploding, so David translates for him using a tiny Schmuzzish-English Dictionary.
  • Mrs. Foil Funny Expression: "Every afternoon at three, bring your own milk. Which reminds me, have you check the teacup? Fiddle-dee-dee!"
  • Souvenir: Beach balls


9"Marching Band"9 November 2006 (2006-11-09)819

  • Story: Shane and David invent imaginary musical instruments and set out to join a marching band.
  • Wrong Turns: Funny music room, marching room, sky room
  • Opening activity: Relaxing, then Dancing.
  • Main Buttons: Accelerate/Decelerate, Do-si-do, sky dancing, Disco, and Can-can (seen from the intro)
  • Vocabulary: Accelerate (speed up)/Decelerate (slow down)
  • Puppet: Puppet wants to be a bandleader. He is later seen practicing his bandleading on the Schmuzzies, but they get distracted by a dust ball, frustrating Puppet. Then he decides to be a baton. He gets stuck to the ceiling as the boys throw him, due to Shane smearing honey on the ceiling. The viewers are asked to press the "Unstick" button to get him down. Later, David hears a melodic tune and wonders if it came from Puppet. Puppet offers to demonstrate, and makes a horrible noise, causing the brothers to frantically request that the viewer "Press the Stop button!". He is last seen fulfilling his dream as the baton for the bandleader.
  • Fido the Fly: Fido is marching behind Schmuzzies.
  • Instant Replay: To see the four children march.
  • Schmuzzies: They march behind Puppet, who initially wants to be bandleader, but get distracted by a dust ball(Schmuzzies love dust). They are later seen in Mrs. Foil's tuba. Shane doesn't appear to be apprehensive of them.
  • Musical instruments: Drumpet (drum combined with a trumpet), harmonica, bottle, cymbal, double bass, electric guitar, xylophone, the CymBanjo (the cymbal and tech of Banjo) and Scruba (an air guitar a round)

The bird in the Sky Room sounds like John Lennon, making a reference to the song "Imagine", saying, "No ground below us, only skies," and the marching band room has the cameo appearance in the episode 'Camping' where Shane's bedroom is replaced. There is no souvenir.  

10"Birthday Party"10 November 2006 (2006-11-10)820

  • Story: Shane and David are invited to a surprise birthday party that turns out to be for them.
  • Wrong Turns: No fun room, surprise room, opera room
  • Opening activity: Sleeping on armchair.
  • Main Button: Celebration/Stop-the-Celebration
  • Instant Replay Girl was "surprise" again pointing to the "sur", "prise" and "surprise"
  • Schmuzzies: They attend the "Schmirthday Schmarty," to which they travel via Mrs. Foil's purse carrying presents.
  • Puppet: First, Puppet is seen in a hurry to get to the party. A delivery Puppet arrives with an invitation to the boys and, in a gruff voice, says, "Delivery for Shane and David and you." Later, Puppet is seen during the party and cleans up after it ends.
  • Fido the Fly: Fido bouncing on a trampoline.
  • Mrs. Foil Funny Expression: "Toodle pip!"
  • Souvenir: Birthday present

Many of the children featured in other episodes attend the party, including the boy from the Sandwich Room in "Picnic", the boy from the Museum of Finger Painting in "Art Museum", the girl from the dance studio in "Movie Theater," the girl in the wheelchair from the shape room in "Camping", the boy at the South Pole in "Beach", and one of the girls from the Marching Room in "Marching Band". From this episode, the girl from the surprise room is present. David says "Whatever you do, don't press the _________ button." There is no vocabulary.  

11"Farm"10 January 2007 (2007-01-10)821

  • Story: Shane and David's band, the Talking Airheads, faces a setback when David's cow bell (which just so happens to be attached to an imaginary cow named Clarabelle) disappears.
  • Wrong Turns: Great big bell room, Pacific Ocean, bicycle room
  • Opening activity: Climbing.
  • Main Buttons: Seesaw/Steady (The bell is ringing out Shane, David and Mrs. Foil), dryland, Echo (Shane climbing mountain in intro, but Shane ask in the Great Big Bell Room)
  • Instant Replay: To see the little boy ride the bicycle.
  • Vocabulary: Stupendous (really great)
  • Puppet: Is the bandleader and songwriter for the band. When the cow bell disappears, he tries to use music to attract Clarabelle. He plays "Music to Play 'Til the Chickens Come Home", "Udder Chaos", and "Heidi Heifer's Hoedown Hootenanny".
  • Fido the Fly: Playing a trumpet for the band.
  • Schmuzzies: They play the marimba in Shane and David's band. They later play it while Shane and David are listening to a bell until Shane tells them to be quiet and be gone. He does not appear to be apprehensive of them.
  • Souvenir: Drum sticks, cow bell, cow


12"Ice Cream Truck"17 January 2007 (2007-01-17)822

  • Story: Shane and David seek to discover the delicious, delectable, and delightful joys of the frozen treat known as ice cream.
  • Wrong Turns: Frozen room, "this way" room, ice cream game show
  • Opening activity: Weight lifting.
  • Main Button: Heavy/Light, Frozen/Unfrozen, Zoom in/Zoom out (seen in intro only) Whoo!, Run along home, Cheerleading
  • Puppet: Visits the ice cream truck and appears with an ice cream cone.
  • Fido the Fly: Is drinking a chocolate milkshake. Three other pets are mentioned: Evan the Pig, Helen the baby Hippo, and Georgio the Caterpillar.
  • Instant Replay:To see the little girl named Matilda scooping ice cream.
  • Skater Lady (Mrs. Foil) Funny Expression: "Gotta go, penguin's toes."
  • Schmuzzies: The brothers find a tub of ice cream and attempt to scoop some out, but end up with Schmuzzies in their cones, as the Schmuzzies have finished the ice cream already. Shane seems a little nervous around them, and attempts to engage them in conversation. He misinterprets what they say, and must be assisted by David.
  • Mrs. Foil is featured in all three wrong turn rooms, as well as the ice cream truck itself. There is no vocabulary, joking button and souvenir.


13"Mini Golf"2 February 2007 (2007-02-02)823

  • Story: Shane and David are baffled when a mysterious orange thing (a mini golf ball) appears in their living room. They use deductive reasoning to narrow down what it actually is, and where it belongs. They think it's a planet, an orange and a basketball before stumbling on to the real solution.
  • Wrong Turns: Outer space, Orange room, Basketball room
  • Shane's Funny Expression: When David said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he [Shane] answered, "Albanian Monkey Shoes?"
  • Opening activity: Yoga.
  • Main Buttons: Irish Dancing/Stop Irish Dancing, blast off, back to earth, slam-dunk, home
  • Vocabulary: Baffled (confused)
  • Fido the Fly: Puts the mini golf ball in his tennis shorts and David and Shane search his pocket; but, at first, they find keys and a calculator.
  • Instant Replay: To see the girl shoot the basketball into the hoop again.
  • Puppet: First, Puppet jump ropes with Shane and David's imaginary rope and trips over it, and goes off to play with his squeegee instead. Later, Puppet uses the orange thing to practice a Shakespearean monologue (Alas, poor Yorick), wearing a red king costume. Puppet is also the one who explains the orange thing's true identity.
  • Action Fingers: They use their Action Noses to locate the Orange Room.
  • Schmuzzies: Two of them play with the orange thing and Shane is unable to retrieve it until David coaches him to say "Schmease" and "Schmank you." David then explains he studied Schmuzzish for seven years, "part-time."
  • Souvenir: Various items including the word "mini" including a Mini-mini which was much smaller than a mini.

While in the Basketball Room, David, thinking the orange thing is a basketball, gets frustrated that it is not dribbling properly. He yells at the orange thing, "This is your home! It's your home! What's wrong?! You too good for your home?!", a direct allusion to the Adam Sandler film, Happy Gilmore, in which the title character yells almost exactly the same speech, also at a golf ball.


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