Hillsong Channel

Hillsong Channel
  • January 17, 2002 (2002-01-17)
  • (June 1, 2016 (2016-06-01) as Hillsong Channel)
Owned by Hillsong Church and Trinity Broadcasting Network
Picture format

480i (SDTV)

720p (Online stream and compatible IPTV streams)
Country United States and Australia
Language English
Broadcast area Worldwide; United States over-the-air and through pay television services
Formerly called The Church Channel (2002-16)
Sister channel(s)
Website hillsong.com/channel
Available on full-power and some low-power stations in most markets in the U.S. x.2 on most TBN owned-and-operated stations and affiliates; check local listings for stations
Dish Network
(North America)
Channel 258
(North America)
Channel 371
(North/Central America)
Channel 115
Sky UK
(United Kingdom)
Channel 597
Channel 183
AT&T U-verse
(North America)
Channel 565
Verizon Fios
(North America)
Channel 288
Fetch TV
Channel 197

Hillsong Channel is an American and Australian Christian-based broadcast television network and is a joint venture of the international congregation, the Sydney-based Hillsong Church, and the American Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).


As The Church Channel

Prior to the launch of the Hillsong Channel the network was known as The Church Channel and maintained their main operations base out of TBN's WPGD-TV in Nashville, Tennessee. Programming consisted of Christian worship services, 90% of which must be of an instructional, evangelistic or ministerial nature. The network had put strict guidelines on fundraising and other announcements, limiting them to 10% of the program.[1] The Church Channel encouraged churches to submit recordings of their services with the intent of putting them on the air.

On March 9, 2016, TBN announced a partnership with the Sydney-based international congregation Hillsong Church that originally saw The Church Channel re-imaged as the Hillsong Channel on June 15, 2016, in line with Hillsong's American expansion plans.[2][3] The launch date was later moved up to June 1, 2016. It was the second major change in TBN's American operations in a matter of years, after the previous year's launch of TBN Salsa and changes in scheduling for Smile of a Child and JUCE TV over-the-air to accommodate TBN Salsa.[4] Unlike that launch (where Smile and Juce maintained 24/7 streaming-only services), The Church Channel was not maintained as a 24/7 streaming service through TBN's streaming operations, and some TCC programming has been blended into the Hillsong Channel schedule, albeit in morning and early afternoon timeslots.

As Hillsong Channel

On June 1, 2016, The Church Channel was replaced by The Hillsong Channel.[5]

Hillsong Channel is available over-the-air on digital subchannels of TBN owned-and-operated and affiliated stations nationwide, usually on the second subchannel (for example, if the local TBN station broadcasts on channel 17, then Hillsong Channel would be carried on digital subchannel 17.2).

It is also available on select U.S. cable providers, Dish Network, Glorystar (free-to-air Galaxy 19) and DirecTV, in the UK on Sky and in many nations around the world via direct-to-home satellite, such as ABS1 to India and the Middle East, Hot Bird satellite to Europe, and Agila 2 satellite both C-band and Ku-Band signal in Asia and the Philippines. The network also livestreams its programming on its official website.

On June 24, 2016 the Hillsong Channel was made available on Apple TV.[6]

In Australia, Hillsong Channel first launched on July 24, 2016 on IPTV provider Fetch TV.[7][8] On September 11, 2016 it was announced at Hillsong Church Services that Hillsong Channel would launch on satellite and cable pay television provider Foxtel on October 16, 2016.[9]

On October 13, Hillsong Channel was made available in Australia on Foxtel Channel 183.


The Hillsong Channel has a variety of programmes, carrying 12 Hours per day of Original Programming under the banner of "Hillsong Channel Original Programming". The remainder of the schedule is made up of traditional time-buys from Churches which hold similar views as the Hillsong Church, under the banner of "Partner Ministry Programming", which cover TBN's expenses of operations of the Television Channel.

Original programming from Hillsong includes;[10]

The Hillsong Channel also airs specials including Documentaries, Worship and other Music Projects like Let There Be LIght, events and short series.


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