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Launched New York City & Boston: 2005
Nationwide: 2007
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Slogan Brave. New. Real.
Country United States
Broadcast area United States: available in 61.58% of homes
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Available as a digital subchannel on PBS stations in some areas Check local listings for availability
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World (previously PBS World) is a United States over-the-air digital subchannel showing public TV non-fiction, science, nature, news, public affairs and documentaries. It is contributed to by the Public Broadcasting Service, WGBH-TV, WNET, and NETA and administered by American Public Television.


In 2004, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation granted PBS funds to develop a public affairs network, Public Square, given the change in broadcasting to digital thus allowing stations to broadcast multiple channels. (Public Square was also a name previous given to a proposed civic series in early 2000s.) The Knight Foundation announced a challenge grant to PBS to launch this network on December 14, 2004 at the Digital Futures Initiative Summit. PBS would have to raise double the grant amount to get the foundation's grant. Additional, the foundation made a grant to PBS for the first program's pilot slated for the network. The program, Global Watch, was to be co-produced by KCET and KQED. The pilot aired on PBS' National Program Service, while the series would only continue on Public Square. PBS was also discussing with WGBH and WNET to fold Public Square and World together.[1]


By December 2005, Boston’s WGBH and WNET were already broadcasting World on a subchannel[1] and added by April 2006, Washington’s WETA. San Francisco’s KQED were already broadcasting its own nonfiction encore channel before April 2005, too. Then, WGBH and WNET team up with PBS to roll out a national version of the local channels as World with KQED continuing on its own. The stations are supposed to program and PBS distributing the network. Public Square was expected to exist as a two to three hours long hosted weeknight programming block on the channel. The network was launched nationally on August 15, 2007.[2]

United States budget sequestration in 2013 caused a cut in Corporation for Public Broadcasting's budget. The CPB then used some fund ($750,000) formerly earmarked for the National Minority Consortia towards the World network.[3]


Current programming and current reruns

Stations may also choose to place their own programming, such as local government hearings and events, on their subchannel at local discretion. PBS coverage of Presidential speeches and addresses are also offered regularly as part of the World schedule.

Public Square programming block[2]


World is carried by the following stations:[4]

Station City
Alabama Public Television
Alaska Public Broadcasting
KAET (Arizona PBS) Phoenix, Arizona
KUAS (Arizona Public Media) Tucson, Arizona
Arkansas Educational Television Network
KOCE-TV Huntington Beach, California
KEET Eureka, California
KIXE Redding, California
KQED San Francisco, California
WGCU Fort Myers, Florida
WJCT Jacksonville, Florida
WSRE Pensacola, Florida
WUFT Gainesville, Florida
WXEL-TV[5] West Palm Beach, Florida
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Idaho Public Television
WILL Urbana, Illinois
WMEC/WQEC/WSEC (Network Knowledge) Macomb / Quincy / Springfield, Illinois
WSIU Carbondale, Illinois
WTVP Peoria, Illinois
WIPB Muncie, Indiana
WTIU Bloomington, Indiana
Iowa Public Television
KOOD/Smoky Hills PTV Western Kansas
WKMJ-DT3 Louisville, Kentucky
WYES New Orleans, Louisiana
Maine Public Broadcasting Network
WGBH Boston, Massachusetts
WGBY Springfield, Massachusetts
WTVS Detroit, Michigan
WKAR East Lansing, Michigan
KWCM Appleton/Worthington, Minnesota
KETC St. Louis, Missouri
Montana PBS
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
New Hampshire Public Television
KNME Albuquerque, New Mexico
WNED[6] Buffalo, New York / Toronto, Ontario
WLIW Garden City, New York/New York City
WCFE/Mountain Lake PBS Plattsburgh, New York
WCNY Syracuse, New York
WMHT Educational Telecommunication Schenectady, New York
WXXI Rochester, New York
Prairie Public Television
WVIZ Cleveland, Ohio
KSYS / Southern Oregon Public Television Medford, Oregon
WHYY Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WQED Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WPSU-TV University Park, Pennsylvania
WQLN Erie, Pennsylvania
South Carolina Educational Television
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
WCTE Cookeville, Tennessee
East Tennessee PBS Knoxville / Tri-Cities, Tennessee
WLJT Martin, Tennessee
KERA Dallas, Texas
KLRN San Antonio, Texas
KUED Salt Lake City, Utah
Vermont Public Television
WBRA Roanoke, Virginia
WHRO Norfolk, Virginia
KSPS Spokane, Washington
WMVS / Milwaukee Public Television Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wyoming PBS
WUCF-TV Orlando, Florida
WTTW Chicago, Illinois
KVIE Sacramento, California


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