Multimedios Televisión

Multimedios Televisión
Type Terrestrial television network
Country Mexico
Availability Northeast & North-Central Mexico, Southwestern United States over-the-air,
nationally throughout Mexico and the United States via cable, satellite and IPTV
Slogan El Canal Que Todos Vemos
(The Channel We All Watch)
Owner Grupo Multimedios
Key people
Francisco González
Launch date
February 24, 1968
Former names
Canal 12, 12-AW
Official website

Multimedios Televisión is a network of Spanish language television stations primarily concentrated in northeastern Mexico. The system is part of Grupo Multimedios. The flagship station of Multimedios is XHAW-TDT located in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Programming features locally produced news, sports, children's shows and general mass appeal variety programming. On weekdays, the network produces around twenty hours of live daily programming, with lesser amounts during the weekends. Throughout its broadcast week, the network produces 58 hours of news programming per week under the branding of Telediario, including a Sunday night public affairs program, Cambios.

The company also has network affiliates in many cities, some of which produce local content. The networks spans Northeast and North-Central Mexico, along with the Southwestern United States through over-the-air availability, but is also available nationally in both countries via cable, satellite and IPTV services. As of May 2016, all of the network's programming is presented in a 16:9 widescreen optimized form in both standard and high definition.

Multimedios affiliates


All of these stations are owned and operated by Grupo Multimedios unless noted otherwise.

City of license Station/Channel No. (DT) Notes
Monterrey XHAW-TDT 12 (25) Flagship station carrying subchannels 12.1 and 12.5, carrying a second feed of XHOAH
Available in Saltillo on a repeater (digital channel 51, virtual channel 12)
Sabinas Hidalgo/Monterrey XHSAW-TDT 12 (21) Carries additional services and shares virtual channel 12 with XHAW
Milenio Television on 12.2, while 12.4 carries Teleritmo, 12.6 carries 52MX, and 12.3 carries Multimedios Plus, which features the network's main shows mixed with older programming.
Ciudad Victoria XHVTU-TDT 50 (7.x) Milenio TV on 7.2, Teleritmo on 7.3; 52MX on 7.4
León XHLGG-TDT 6 (31)
Matamoros XHVTV-TDT 51 (54.x) Milenio TV on 54.2; Teleritmo on 54.3; 52MX on 54.4
Nuevo Laredo XHNAT-TDT 32 (45.x) Milenio TV on 45.2; Teleritmo on 45.3; 52MX on 32.4
Tampico XHTAO-TDT 6 (47) Milenio TV on 6.2; Teleritmo on 6.3; 52MX on 6.4
Torreón XHOAH-TDT 9 (23) Milenio TV on 9.2 and Teleritmo on 9.3

Two local stations also carry Multimedios programming: XHSDD-TDT in Sabinas, Coahuila and XHPNW-TDT in Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

The network is also available nationwide through providers such as SKY México/VeTV and Izzi/Cablevisión.

United States

All American Multimedios affiliates are owned and operated by other broadcasters, due to FCC regulations regarding foreign ownership of radio and TV stations. The network leased stations from Mako Communications until early 2007.

The American version of the network feed features American direct response advertising and public service announcements laid over the main Monterrey feed, along with some programming substitutions (mainly Monterrey-specific local shows and paid programming for second runs of the network's main shows), such as a repeat of Milenio's 10 p.m. newscast overnights. The main Monterrey feed is available to all viewers, including in the United States, streaming through the network's website and its iOS App Store and Google Play apps, though all other Mexican local feeds are restricted to their local market.

Market/City of license Station/Channel No. (DT) Licensee Additional notes
Houston KHLM-LD 43.1 Lotus Communications Corporation KHLM is effectively marketed as the American flagship of the network, including their channel positions being called out in some programs, and hosts road tours of Multimedios's variety programming and hosts, which take place at Houston area venues.
Phoenix KPHE-LD 44.1 (16) Lotus Communications Corporation Part-time affiliate; shared with Telemax.
Los Angeles KWHY-TV 22.7 Meruelo Grupo
Salt Lake City KTMW 20.4 Alpha & Omega Communications, LLC
El Paso/Juarez K26KJ-D 25.1 (26) BGM License LLC Formerly K40FW. Sister station to XHIJ-TDT.
Rio Grande City KTLM 40.4 NBCUniversal Milenio Televisión on 40.2; The only Telemundo-O&O affiliated with that network

Pay TV availability

Multimedios is available across the United States on many cable, satellite and IPTV systems, including DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Charter, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS and Grande Communications. It is carried in both standard definition and high definition versions. In 2016, the network also became available in Costa Rica (the third largest Mexican diaspora behind the United States and Guatemala) through cable (several of the network's personalities are Costa Rican-Mexicans); the American and Costa Rican feeds, along with the local "Plus" feed thus have a separate version of their morning lifestyle program, Vivalavi, known as Vivalavi Internacional with different hosts carried over them.

Former Multimedios affiliates

Market/City of license Station/Channel No. (DT) Licensee Additional Notes
Dallas/Fort Worth (Mesquite) KATA-CD 50 (N/A) Mako Communications
Las Vegas KVPX-LD 28 (N/A) Mako Communications
Las Vegas (Laughlin) KMCC 34.1 (32) Beam Tilt, LLC
Bakersfield K18HD-D N/A (18) Valley Public Television VPT acquired station from Mintz Broadcasting in 2007;
has since flash-cut to digital and currently rebroadcasts KVPT
Amarillo K64GK 64 (N/A) Mintz Broadcasting
Corpus Christi K20JT-D 54 (20) Mintz Broadcasting
Lubbock K24GP 24 (N/A) Mako Communications
Midland K69IT 69 (N/A) Mintz Broadcasting
San Angelo K45HW 45 (N/A) Mintz Broadcasting
San Antonio K51JF 51 (N/A) Mintz Broadcasting
Tampa WTAM-LD 28 (N/A) Lotus Communications Corporation Branded as TV Visión
Rio Grande City KTLM 40.4 NBCUniversal Had Milenio Televisión on 40.2. Was the only Telemundo O&O affiliated with either network. Both were dropped after NBC bought KTLM.

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