FX Latin America

FX Latin America
Launched 2005
Owned by Fox Latin American Channels (21st Century Fox)
Slogan Spanish: Sin límites
Portuguese: Sem limites
("No limits")
Sister channel(s) FOX, Fox Life, National Geographic Channel, BabyTV, Nat Geo Music, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Adventure, Utilisima/Bem Simples, Speed
Website FX Latin America
FX Brazil
Dish Network Mexico Channel 207
DirecTV LA Channel 217
Sky Brazil Channel 47
Cablevisión Argentina Channel 313 (Digital)
Net Serviços de Comunicação Channel 54

FX Latin America is a cable television channel and is the Latin American version of the popular American television network FX. The channel currently shares the same logo as its American counterpart. FX Latin America is intended as a counterpart to Fox Life, the first being produced for the male audience, while the latter is almost entirely programmed for the female viewers. It was launched in 2005.

Elena Landa, from Valencia, Venezuela, was elected the first Chica FX, through the 2006 reality show of the same name. World Wrestling Entertainment announced it would provide 208 hours of programming to FX Latin America from 2005 to 2007.

In July 2007, FOX's adult animation block, No Molestar!, in Spanish or Não Perturbe!, in Portuguese (literal: "Do Not Disturb!"), was extended to FX, featuring series as Family Guy, American Dad!, God, The Devil and Bob and The Wrong Coast, all previously seen on the FOX block.

From 2012, FX Latin America will air in HD across the continent



Sports / Sports Entertainment



Speed Channel Block

Late Nite (Rated TV-MA)

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